While we’re talking about bamboo, another product worth keeping an eye on is this bamboo dimensional lumber from Cali Bamboo.  The San Diego-based company says the product, Lumboo, is the “world’s first engineered bamboo dimensional lumber,” made with 100% compressed bamboo and a low-VOC resin. It can be used for fences and a variety of other applications.

Lumboo-cali-drill Lumboo-cali-saw

The bamboo and resin mixture is placed in a hydraulic press, where several hundred thousand pounds of force squeeze bamboo stalks into a dense, strong, and durable block so thick a nail probably won’t go through it.

If you want to use Lumboo, you’ll probably need to pre-drill holes and use screws for assembly.  Cali Bamboo says the high silica content of the bamboo makes the dimensional lumber termite resistant.

The company sells a lot of bamboo products — you’ve probably seen Cali Bamboo flooring on the market somewhere.  Lumboo is offered in 1×4, 2×4, 2×6, and 4×4 varieties from about $5 a piece, depending on the size.

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Credits: Cali Bamboo.