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While we’re talking about bamboo, another product worth keeping an eye on is this bamboo dimensional lumber from Cali Bamboo.  The San Diego-based company says the product, Lumboo, is the “world’s first engineered bamboo dimensional lumber,” made with 100% compressed bamboo and a low-VOC resin. It can be used for fences and a variety of other applications.

Lumboo-cali-drill Lumboo-cali-saw

The bamboo and resin mixture is placed in a hydraulic press, where several hundred thousand pounds of force squeeze bamboo stalks into a dense, strong, and durable block so thick a nail probably won’t go through it.

If you want to use Lumboo, you’ll probably need to pre-drill holes and use screws for assembly.  Cali Bamboo says the high silica content of the bamboo makes the dimensional lumber termite resistant.

The company sells a lot of bamboo products — you’ve probably seen Cali Bamboo flooring on the market somewhere.  Lumboo is offered in 1×4, 2×4, 2×6, and 4×4 varieties from about $5 a piece, depending on the size.

Lumboo-cali-posts Lumboo-cali-fence-topper


[+] Get more detail on Lumboo Bamboo Dimensional Lumber.

Credits: Cali Bamboo.

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  • Michael

    Interesting. Would love to see how this holds up after a few Midwest winters.

  • MikeHunt

    Just went to their website.

    usd $8 for a 2×4…… I’ll stick to .50 cent 2×4 lumber

  • Paul

    $8.00 for a 2×4.. Hello wood costs so much due to the fact that our forests are disappearing it’s called supply and demand. If bamboo grows so fast the cost should be minimal compared to real wood. I’m sorry I do my part, but it is companies and products like this that keeping the masses away from these so called greener products. Nobody could afford a home or anything built by a contractor if they were using this kind of lumber.

  • Michael32

    Looks like Lamboo might have better products… Just saying, worth checking out

    • Yourva

      I would agree…I checked lamboo website and looks like they have better choices….

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