Boxy Green Prefab Concept: ECObitat


I thought the ECObitat concept from Felipe Campolina was worth a look.  ECObitat, a modular system capable of being applied to emergency or relief housing, features drop-down telescopic legs and a steel skeleton covered in OSB, thermoacoustic insulation, and greenery.  Water and solar power is collected on the roof, while an Energy Ball captures on-site green energy.  The set up is spartan but interesting nonetheless.




[+] See the ECObitat Prefab Modular System on Behance.

Credits: Felipe Campolina; noticed at Inhabitat.

  • gerrr!

    Interesting idea.

    I myself, had this concept that, instead of using used shipping containers to transform into relatively mobile housing, why not work with shipping container manufacturers to create just a basic framework of the shipping container (sans metal skin), with a snap-in exterior insulated wall system? This way, in a pinch, one could transport thousands of these framwork units using traditional shipping and cargo transportation methods.

    Instead of transporting raw materials to a site and then building structures, or instead of temporary, flimsy structures that could not withstand a hurricane, you’d have a unique system of being able to rapidly respond to emergencies with permanent structures that were simply assembled without much advanced knowledge.

    And of course, those snap-in wall panels could also make assembling homes in-situ much faster, and you could have specialized panels with windows, electrical bases, and of course solar exterior walls. It’s like a blending of the office cubicle concept with the shipping container!

    Anyone, please feel free to borrow this idea and make it your own, but you have to name your first production unit, “gerrrg”. 😀

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