Healthy Modern B-Line in Minneapolis


We've mentioned several different prefabs from Hive Modular over the years, and this home, a B-Line Medium 003, was profiled by Epoch Times the other day.  It's a beautiful, contemporary home in Minneapolis owned by T.J. Thoraldson and Vladimir Vukojevic. 


In the article, Epoch Times discusses two benefits of green prefab worth mentioning here.  First, factory-built homes are sheltered, for the most part, from outside elements and have a lower potential for rot and indoor air quality problems. 

Second, since the home is factory constructed, more work can move forward during times when the weather otherwise precludes construction activity on-site. 

Owners Thoraldson and Vukojevic also "appreciate the openness of their home as well as its many windows — which provide privacy while welcoming in natural light," according to Epoch Times





[+] Read more about this Hive Modular B-Line Medium in Epoch Times.

Media credits: T.J. Thoraldson.

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  • Adrie

    When i see how people live in other countries i am so happy to live in South Africa where we have big gardens and houses.

  • Guest

    A flat roof in Minnesota. And no cover over the front stoop.

  • Ralphtharp

    What is the SQ?

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