Cabin Fever, a Florida-based company with an office in California, makes some slick green structures that can be used as weekend retreats, home offices, extra bedrooms, sheds, and anything else along these lines. Shown here is the Maxwell Cabin. It’s a 320 square-foot model that sells from $32,500, depending on options.


The company prefabricates each cabin in a factory, labels all the parts, and then disassembles the whole thing for shipment to location. It’s kit-like, and owners can put them together or hire someone to do it for them.

Cabin Fever does what it can to build green without breaking the bank. In addition to precision construction in factory conditions, cabins are built with a cool roof, insulated thermal glass windows, regionally and sustainably harvested woods, and formaldehyde free glues and adhesives.

The design also encourages natural ventilation, while the overhang, depending on site orientation, could provide just the right amount of sunlight and shade.

For folks that need something more serious, like an off-grid or self-sufficient structure, Cabin Fever has a few models to choose from and is prepared to help owners with solar electricity, solar water heating, rainwater catchment, small wind, composting toilets, gas appliances, and back up generators.




[+] Learn more about Cabin Fever Green Prefab Kits.

Credits: Cabin Fever; noticed at Busyboo.