Fontenay Woods from Old Wine Barrels


If you're in the market for an Old World look, Fontenay makes vintage flooring from reclaimed wine barrels.  The Cooperage collection has stamps and markings from the barrel head; the Wine Infusion collection comes from the inside of the barrel and is naturally stained by the wine; and the Stave collection is made with the outside of the barrel and shows markings from the hoops.  Pricing starts at $32 per square foot. 

Cooperage-fontenay-reclaimed-flooring Wine-infusion-fontenay-reclaimed-flooring



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Credits: Fontenay; noticed at 3rings.

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  • Anonymous

    $32/ sq ft!?! not a chance. these companies really need to take a class in economics. reclaimed or not, this is nowhere near worth it especially when there are so many other options out there including bamboo at $0.89/ sq ft.

    • Preston

      I was waiting for someone to say something about price.

    • Justin

      It may hit a niche market… I can’t see it being anything more than small quantities to maybe do a wine cellar floor with. It’ll be the “I just gotta have it to impress my friends” client.

  • Taylen Peterson

    well price aside, they look amazing! would be perfect for a rec-room, kids room, patio/sunporch or wine cellar (obvi)! count me as a fan :)

  • Ines

    Expensive, indeed, but perfect for a wine cellar.

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