This modern residence, monastic and fantastic at the same time, is called E.D.G.E., an Experimental Dwelling for a Greener Environment.  It’s small, with 480 square-feet of space, yet the space appears plentiful as it transforms to suit a variety of uses.  Plus it’s beautiful inside and out and has some incredible green elements.


Revelations Architects designed and built E.D.G.E. and took home an Honor Award this year from AIA Wisconsin for their work.  The firm prefabricated E.D.G.E. and, after making a stop at the local fair, assembled the home overlooking Lake Superior in Bayfield, Wisconsin.

E.D.G.E. is not meant to be an exclusive prototype or anything like that.  Revelations Architects says, “we would be glad to explain what it takes to have one,” according to their website.

In terms of green elements, E.D.G.E. has rainwater harvesting, geothermal heating and cooling, heat recovery ventilation, passive solar design, and insulated shutter doors to control heat gain.

While the exterior is compelling, the interior, as you can tell by this video from Art City, is intriguing.  It’s finished in precision-cut Baltic birch plywood and the furniture transforms so that the owners can entertain, eat, sleep, and work.






[+] Get more information on E.D.G.E. from Revelations Architects.

Credits: Dan Hoffman Photography.