Sleek Blink Charging Stations for EVs


Earlier we took a look at GE Wattstation and the Coulomb CT500, but there’s another player, ECOtality, that’s looking to stake a claim in this area.  The company just unveiled their sexy new electric vehicle charging station, Blink, which will be available in two models, one a wall-mount for the home and the other a stand-alone unit for commercial use.

ECOtality worked with frog design to develop the charge station, which kind of resembles an earlier generation of the iPod Nano.  Ultimately, the design is meant to be adaptable, friendly, convenient, smart, and iconic — all at the same time.

Blink charge stations, which will be made by Roush Manufacturing, will be installed this fall as part of The EV Project.  Each unit provides a speedy Level 2 charge and easy touch screen access to various network program options.



Ecotality-blink-ev-charger Ecotality-blink-ev-charger-home


[+] Get more information on Blink EV Chargers and Network.

Credit: ECOtality and frog design.

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  • T. Caine

    They don’t looks so bad. It’s good to see more options are coming to the market.

  • Rick

    The Blink Charging station is the biggest piece of crap I’ve ever had.  I just got it and the time doesn’t work…it looses the wireless internet setup information, etc.  People should not use the Blink and should just get a 20 Amp circuit with 220/240v plug.  The government program/Ecotality made a huge mistake selecting Blink or selected Blink to scam the government and public out of their money.

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