Compact and Green: Wave House


This affordable, 1,400 square-foot home is under construction near Reims, France, according to Dezeen.  With a curvy green roof — somewhat similar to the one seen at Birchway Eco-Community — Wave House has a double-skin polycarbonate glass facade and a vegetated surface to shield against summer heat and winter cold . 


According to architect Patrick Nadeau, the plants, which include grasses, succulents, thymes, lavenders, and other perennials, were selected for "both for their aesthetic qualities as well as their natural resistance and minimal need for for maintenance."

When water is necessary, a mist irrigation system with a water recuperation system is built into the green roof. 

Wave House is being built by A.D. & Services at a cost of about 250,000 €, or by today's exchange rate, about $308,000.  We'll try to follow up upon completion to see how the project works.







Media credits: Patrick Nadeau, Archicorpus; noticed at Dezeen

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  • property sun turkey

    This design would be ideal for Turkish holiday homes to combat the sun. The design is stunning as well.

  • Busch Recycles

    Love the design. It is great to see green and environmentally friendly houses being built more and more!

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