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I'm fascinated by Second Glass, a product that was recognized on Sustainable Industries' Top 10 Green Building Products list this year.  Second Glass is a recycled glass product made in Portland of junk or damaged windshields using a patent-pending cold-melted process.

The product can be framed, lighted, mounted, or hung and works just as well as a kind of wall, divider, or partition.  Second Glass can also take on color when necessary to suit the aim of a certain design. 

Within the LEED-NC program, Second Glass could potentially help a project obtain MR3 and MR4 credits.  

Ron Sundholm, founder and CEO of Second Glass, said his glass is "less expensive than new glass" and easier to clean and produce, according to Sustainable Industries.  

The company is currently in talks to license the product to installers and sales representatives throughout the United States, while at this time, purchasers can acquire the material through Culver Glass or Neil Kelly Co. in Portland. 

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Media credit: Second Glass.