Roof Integrated Solar with Ceramic Tiles


Area Industrie Ceramiche makes a red clay roof tile that the Italian company claims is very resistant to weather and capable of absorbing less water and heat.  But that's just the original tile.  If you go with the "tegolasolare" version, you'll end up with a roof integrated solar solution that's so handsome others may not realize it's wired to generate energy. 


Tegolasolare is made with four solar cells on a ceramic roof tile.  The solar tile installs like a non-solar tile, while the panels are connected to create a photovoltaic field. 

One can cover the entire roof or a portion, giving flexibility to avoid shade and other problem areas.  Also, if a tile goes out, it can be replaced without affecting the rest of the system.  Tiles are 18 inches (46 centimeters) square.

Wiring leads to an inverter, where DC is transformed and fed into the power grid.  A 430 square-foot (40 m2) roof of monocrystalline tiles produces, according to Area Industrie Ceramiche, about 3 kW of power.  





[+] Learn more about this Tegolasolare Solar Roof with Ceramic Tiles.

Photos: Area Industrie Ceramiche; noticed at Gizmodo.

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  • DavisFrame

    What a beautiful product and I love the fact that it is also solar. Our company will have to look into this as an option to offer our clients, especially since solar is becoming quite popular with timber frame homes.

  • Green Builder

    Wow! This is something new. I love it.

  • Lemosaiste

    Lovely posting nice pic..

  • large pottery

    This is cool! And so interested! Are u have more
    posts like this? Please tell me, thanks

  • Salah

    very nice Idea,but what about the cost ?!

  • SEPCO-SolarLighting

    I love the roof tiles with integrated solar…a great way to take advantage of adding solar to a roof without bulky panels and perfect for people in with new construction or requiring a new roof!

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