Pop Up House Prototype in Petaluma


If you liked the Ultimate Desert House, you’ll probably have some interest in this PopUp House from House Port. Pictured is a prototype of the PopUp House in Petaluma, California, which was built with SIPs and a metal house port. The actual home is shaded by a galvanized roof for natural ventilation, and the company has designs for one or two cube installations.


Designed and conceived by Hally Thacher, the prototype house was built in just three months for $250,000, including labor, materials, and furniture. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms in a considerable amount of square footage.

Leveraging the prototype, House Port intends to flat-pack ship these shelters across the country to willing buyers. Apparently, the single cube house sells for $75,000, and the double cube sells for $160,000, both ready to assemble on a foundation and site provided by the buyer.

The PopUp House package doesn’t include finishing materials, the kitchen, bathrooms, plumbing, lighting, or door, wall, or floor treatments. So a buyer is really getting the bare bones structure with a lot of flexibility in determining how green to complete the home.





[+] Learn more about the PopUp House from House Port.

Photo credits: Dwell and House Port Design; first noticed at Inhabitat.

  • Jay

    Simple yet effective design. I wonder if that same canopy would work in the South, where we have a lot of sun and high humidity. Certainly would catch the vast amounts of rain we have have, not to mention provide a means to heat water and add solar panels. Anyone know of a house in the South using this design?

  • SM

    As with the Ultimate Desert House, this is a cool idea, especially for arid climates with little natural shading–but all I can think of is the birds and other animals that would view the space between the sheltering canopy and the roof of the house as an ideal area to nest. I suppose bird netting or chicken wire could be used to block those spaces, but why deal with the issue in the first place?

  • Jay Chua

    This is gorgeous.
    I am particularly fond of the outdoor dining setting. The bed room also receive lots of sunlight..overall, green, and environmentally friendly.

    Jay Chua
    Publisher, PorchSwingSets.com

  • http://twitter.com/andrewstone Andrew Stone

    I am originally from the deep deserts of So. California and this was a pretty common design scenario out in the desert. However, the home under canopy was typically just a trailer.

  • ANON

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