Green Solar Lumenhaus Wins in Europe!


The team from Virginia Tech just took the top prize at Solar Decathlon Europe with their house pavilion, Lumenhaus, which was inspired by the Farnsworth House.  The deep green home was on display in the Solar Village in Madrid and viewed by more than 190,000 visitors.

As is the case with Solar Decathlon homes, Lumenhaus is both energy efficient and outfitted with solar technology to generate more energy than is necessary to run the home.  The rooftop solar system can vary its angle to optimize energy production.

Key to the design is a central living core and an innovative operable wall structure that responds to the weather and occupant behavior.  Movable screens and insulation panels — made of translucent sheets and aerogel — dominate the exterior while LEDs illuminate the structure at night.

Also, everything is wired, monitored, and connected to a handy iPhone application for the sake of energy efficiency and convenience.

Enduring 10 contests, Virginia Tech snatched victory with a slim one-point margin over the IKAROS project from the University of Applied Sciences in Germany.  Virginia Tech beat out 16 other teams with a score of 812.

Lumenhaus-virginia-tech-sdeurope-exterior Lumenhaus-virginia-tech-sdeurope-screen




[+] Learn more about Lumenhaus from Virginia Tech.

Photo credits: Lumenhaus.

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  • Trey Hopson

    The Lumenhaus won the Solar Decathlon in Europe, too? That’s amazing! In my opinion, this is one of the best green structures ever made. Plus it’s interactive, too. I adapts to weather conditions and all that. The user can also override the system and stuff for his or her comfort. I also like how they did the air ventilation in the house. With a house that can control the air conditioner and the heater, the person living there would certainly feel comfortable. I hope someone in Edmonton would build a house like that.

  • Lynn Daven

    Kudos to the Virginia Tech students and professors who have worked on this masterpiece. I hope that it paves the way to further development of solar powered systems in the other parts of the country like here in Butte County. If solar energy were to be used for electrical systems, manufacturing systems, and other facilities, we can lessen the harmful effects of technology to the Earth.

  • Nathen Feltmann

    More environment friendly architectural innovations like the Lumenhaus should be developed. The technology today will definitely help in the development of new “green” structures. Cheers to Virginia Tech for this achievement!

  • Dave togo

    Great work just wish structures like this were implemented.We are way behind..

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