Low Impact Tiny Cabin in Jackson Hole


We’re fascinated with small houses like this one in Jackson, Wyoming. The “park model” home was featured on the Tiny House Blog the other day, racking up a slew of comments. Referred to as the “Caboose,” it turns out the home was built with SIP walls and roofing (for energy efficiency) and has bamboo flooring, a dual-flush toilet, LED lighting, and an exterior cladding of both rusty metal and cedar siding. It cost $95,000 to build but can be rented if you’re near Jackson Hole Campground.







Photo credits: Jackson Hole Campground; noticed at Tiny House Blog.

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  • Anonymous

    I saw this over at the Tiny House Blog too… It’s definitely the most beautiful Park Model house I’ve ever seen, hehe. Keep up the good work, Preston!

  • Ginagrothe

    do you know who the builder of these cabins in jackson holt? i am looking for something similiar for my property.

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