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This tiny house — the L41 House — has been sneaking around the internet over the past few months.  It was on display at the Vancouver Olympics and visitors seemed to take a liking to the 220-square-foot beauty.  Designed by Michael Katz and Janet Corne, L41 House is small, energy efficient, and sacrifices nothing but extraneous space.


Other than the studio pictured, L41 can be stacked and is available in other sizes, including a 290-square-foot, one-bedroom model and a 360-square-foot, two-bedroom model.  If you’re in a place that allows accessory dwelling units or laneway housing, just about any model might work.

Green elements include triple-glazed windows, energy efficient appliances, LED lighting, solar heating, heat recovery, and a plush green roof.

Of note, the home is made with beetle-killed, cross-laminated timber that is, according to the L41 website, abundantly available and “non-toxic, strong, lightweight, flexible, [and] affordable.

Inevitably, you’re wondering how much a home like this costs.  The Tyee looked into pricing and learned the ultimate goal is to have these produced in bulk for about $50,000 each, fully equipped.





[+] Read more about the All for One L41 Home.

Media credits: l41; noticed at The Tiny Life.

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  • DavisFrame

    Very cool concept! This would make a great studio or weekend getaway. We have small timber frame cabins that are small in size like this and many people come to us to help them build a small weekend getaway. It is great that some residential companies are offering smaller plans.

    • George

      I really like it! It’s a gorgeous, well finished house perfect for vacation homes. I love how they set it on a wooded lot. It doesn’t feel as confined when you can looked out and see green space. It also reminds me a little of the ios house by LABhaus. They have 1, 2, and 3 bedroom prefab models designed with vacation homes in mind.

  • Nina Klokset

    love. love. looooove iiit! The clean design, and still managing to give a cozy feeling – awesome 😀

  • Cheryl Buchanan

    awesome design

  • Cheryl Buchanan

    awesome design

  • Cheryl Buchanan

    awesome design

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