Besting the efforts of nearly 3,100 architects worldwide, a team involving blaanc of Portugal and João Caeiro of Mexico won the Open Source House design competition with their entry “Emerging Ghana.” All of the entries are available online and Emerging Ghana, as a pilot project, is expected to be built by the end of this year.

As an overall initiative, Open Source House plans to build more than 100,000 affordable green houses by 2020, starting with Emerging Ghana. This home is modular, expandable, flexible, and built with dry connections for deconstruction and reuse.

Panels are made with locally available bamboo and dahoma wood, while rammed earth walls are compacted with simple formwork. Large windows fill the interior with natural light, and exterior folding wood screens provide natural ventilation and shade when necessary.

Emerging Ghana places the courtyard at the heart of the home, and this space is where most family activity will happen. The home has a system for rainwater recovery and a small septic tank for sewage.

The purpose of the Open Source House competition was to “design a sustainable, flexible and locally embedded one family house for a specific location in Ghana” using eight principles. Emerging Ghana took the prize, but the work of thousands will provide a foundation for more affordable, sustainable homes throughout the country.




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Media credits: Blaanc & João Caeiro.