Eco Prefab House Hits Dwell on Design


Reclaimed Space is teaming up with Ecofabulous again to showcase one of their prefabs made from reclaimed materials at Dwell on Design.  The rustic prefab will measure 28′ x 14′ — a little bigger than last year’s 400 square-foot rehab — and built with materials from old deconstructed structures, including an 1830s German farmstead home, in Austin, Texas.

Zem Joaquin of Ecofabulous will curate the interior design with some pieces from eBay of all places.  Speaking of eBay, the modular show home will be listed for sale on eBay starting Thursday, June 24, 2010, at 4:00 pm Pacific.  A portion of the proceeds go to Global Green.

Last year’s home sold to T.J. Thyne, an actor on Bones, for $75,100.  I wonder how much this one will go for?  You can catch the bidding at:

The show home will have reclaimed herringbone hardwood flooring, Energy Star appliances, smart technology, recycled content Oceanside Glasstile, a Caroma toilet that’s gray water capable, a green roof, and a bed frame made of FSC-certified lumber, according to Pasadena-Star News.

Also, if you’re thinking about attending Dwell on Design, Jetson Green readers have been offered 50% off the two-day weekend pass (i.e., Dwell Exhibition Plus) using promo code DWELL8B in all caps.  The code expires on June 23, 2010.

[+] Read the Dwell on Design Reclaimed Space Preview for 2010.

Media credit: Reclaimed Space.

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