Rebuilding Shelters with Old Containers


We've seen a lot of effort to provide emergency and long-term shelter for disaster areas.  For Haiti in particular, some groups, like Shipping Container Housing and Green Container International Aid, are trying to reuse shipping containers to get people out of the elements and into something that can withstand hurricane season in a couple short months.  The renderings shown here are from GCIA, who is seeking the donation of containers to construct container cities in the area. 


GCIA has a container city pilot project under construction in Jacmel in southern Haiti, according to Inhabitat.  As soon as the group receives more containers, they will start building more emergency shelters. 

These container shelters will be basic and outfitted with a foundation, new exterior paint, plywood flooring, a green roof, fabric covers for protection and rainwater collection, and screen panel entry doors. 

GCIA, with the help of the local population, is on the ground in Haiti making sure the shelters that they build are not just "non-functional spontaneous settlements" but future cohesive developments. 




[+] Learn about how to help Green Container International Aid.

Media credits: Green Container International Aid.

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  • henry

    Good idea

  • henry

    Good idea

  • rtdnan

    We are so pathetically unfortunate here in the U.S. because poor Americans are not allowed to have simple houses like the ones proposed by the GCIA. Our construction laws are so strict that no one can legally build a structure greater than 120 sq. ft. without expensive permits (which the impoverished Americans can not afford). So, we poor people have what is called a “tiny house movement”. Tiny houses are only “tiny” due to these restrictive laws. Many people in America used to have what was called “The American Dream” of home ownership, but now the best they can Hope for is a 120 sq. ft. shed structure or up to 320 square feet (if on wheels). Only those in the top 10% bracket of income can afford permission to build anything bigger than “Tiny”. So sad what has happened to this once great country.

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