Announcements from LightFair this week lit up the news world.  Lighting Science Group introduced cheap 40-watt and 60-watt replacement Definity LEDs, while Philips unveiled a brighter, more expensive 60-watt replacement EnduraLED.  Not content with sitting the sidelines, Osram Sylvania today announced a bright 60-watt replacement LED that outputs 810 lumens.

Thus, Osram Sylvania claims they have the brightest LED replacement light on the market for old school 60-watt incandescent bulbs.

The Sylvania Ultra LED A-line 12-watt bulb is a second-generation retrofit product and has an estimated life of 25,000 hours.  The bulb has a color temperature of 2700k and a color rendering index of 90.

When comparing LED lighting, there’s a lot of information to consider.  If possible, you’ll want to test the lighting, but also check out this Lighting Facts Label to help understand the numbers.

The Osram Sylvania LED is dimmable, contains no mercury, and will be available for purchase late August 2010.  No word yet on pricing, but, according to Gadgetwise, the company says affordability is paramount.

[+] Learn more about the Sylvania Ultra LED lamp.

Media credit: Osram Sylvania.