Eddy: Sleek New Small Wind Turbine


Urban Green Energy just announced the launch of “eddy,” a new small wind vertical axis wind turbine for home or office applications.  The sleek wind turbine, according to the company, is “whisper quiet,” starts turning in 8 mile per hour winds, and has a maximum safe wind speed of more than 120 miles per hour.


The 600 W small wind turbine has carbon fiber and fiberglass blades, weighs approximately 180 pounds, and measures 4’6″ wide by 5’3″ tall.  Eddy is available in white, titanium, graphite, and some custom colors.

Eddy sells for $3,879, not counting available incentives, while the tower, controller, and inverter will run a couple thousand more.  To make purchasing easy, Urban Green Energy has partnered with GE Money to provide deferred interest and low-interest financing options.

Urban Green Energy, headquartered in New York City, designed eddy to complement its other 1 kW and 4 kW vertical axis wind turbines.  The company manufactures these products in a new facility near the Port of Tianjin, China.




[+] Learn more about Eddy Small Wind VAWT.

Media credit: Urban Green Energy.

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  • Anonymous

    What a cool looking turbine!

  • Litch

     You had me intrested untill i found out where ther made no thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Burt Sky

    Why don’t yu manufacture this in the USA. I’m sure we would be willing to pay a bit ore to generate US technology and yes Jobs

  • http://www.free-wind-energy.com DanBrown2000-seo

    The classic windmill turbine is just not socailly accepted in residential applications in most part of the US.   At this point I would care where they were made, if a new design would capture the whim of the decision makers and get wind power common place in the US, jobs will follow.

  • mike

    come on guys let’s make these in the USA. how much more could it be considering you don’t have to ship it across an ocean

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