Prefab Studio Sheds Flourish in Boulder


Recently we mentioned Studio Shed, a startup that builds eco-friendly prefabricated sheds for equipment, storage, and office sheds.  The company just installed its sixth modern shed in Boulder and has delivered four others to California.  In completing these ten projects, Studio Shed has perfected the overall prefabrication and shipping experience provided to customers and is now offering a 5% discount on orders through June 15, 2010.


Studio Sheds are built green with FSC-certified lumber, recycled aluminum frame windows, HardiPlank siding, and low-VOC paints.

They install in a day and, depending on where you’re located, can be ordered and fully built in about two to four weeks.  Indeed, for a cost starting at about $4,500, you could be shedworking in style in less than a month.




[+] Learn more about these modern prefab Studio Sheds.

Photo credits: Studio Shed.

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  • Fred

    These sheds are a great idea and look cool but $4500 (with 5% discount) is not exactly affordable for a shed. If you go through the companies website configuration, you easily come up with about $7600 (without too many options). Again, the idea is cool and I understand that FSC lumber is not cheap but this is an expensive shed. Here is a$3400 8 X 12′ option from Lowes:|0&pl=1&currentURL=/pl_Wood%2BStorage%2BBuildings_4294816517_4294937087_?rpp=15$No=15$Ns=p_product_price|0
    That’s the competition. If Studio Shed wants to sell these things to more than a select few people with environmental sensibilities and several thousand dollars to spare, then they’ve got to get a lot closer in price. Just my 2 cents.

  • gerrr!

    Is that a natural creek, or manmade? It just feels a bit disturbing that someone located a structure 3 feet away from a creek.

  • hlw

    I would be quite unhappy if a neighbor put one of these in my line of sight. Ugly.

    DId this person really get away with setting this monstrosity on the property line, at sidewalk’s edge?

    • Jared

      Are you people serious? These are the comments you have about this little shed? Where do I start.
      @ Fred…apples and oranges buddy, get another apple to enter in the comparison then discuss. That is NOT competition, completely different.
      @ gerrrg…how is that disturbing? What harm could possibly come from this little structure? Is the road next to the creek less disturbing. I don’t understand your logic or urge to comment at all.
      @ hlw…monstrosity? Really? You must be a treat to have as a neighbor.

      Not to be coming down on everybody but wow…quality comments on this one Preston.

      • Preston

        Not sure where they’re coming from on this one, but we let people have their opinion.

      • Fred

        It’s just a storage shed. Simple in design and made from widely available materials. I’ve built sheds before and so have lots of other people. It’s not that hard to do. I actually like the shed itself, but most people aren’t going to spend 2-3K premium over a common shed from a hardware chain for a storage shed – even if it’s ‘green.’ Sustainability has to become affordable or it won’t ever be more than a pet movement.

        • Preston

          Seriously, though. How many storage sheds have you seen with HardiPlank siding and aluminum frame windows? This is a lot different than what you’ll see at Lowe’s or Home Depot.

        • Fred

          This is a great website and thank-you for putting it up and maintaining it. It brings lots of green building projects, materials, etc. to those of us with interests in the green building industry. I think most people would agree that affordability is a key component of the future success of sustainable building. With that in mind…

          HardiPlank and aluminum framed windows can be obtained at Home Depot, Lowes and lots of other hardware stores. I even considered using HardiPlank on the last shed I built. It’s not an unusual material and you can build such a shed for a lot less than $7K. HardiPlank is around $7 for an 8 1/4″ x 12′ board in my area. It takes around $300 to sheath an 8 x 12 x 8′ shed. Recycled aluminum windows can be had for little money (especially glazed with Plexiglass).

          Again, I’m not knocking the shed or it’s builder. I just think these kinds of price points put it out of reach for most people and that doesn’t have to be so. Sorry for the long post.

        • Mike Koenig

          Hi Fred –

          Just to clarify. You won’t be able to find these aluminum windows at home depot, or lowes. They are custom made. Also – our sheds start at 3900, so I am not sure where the 7K figure is coming from. That price is simply one of our models and includes installation. Sure, a homeowner could probably source materials and make a good looking shed for a bit less, but consider we get volume pricing on our materials, so our materials are less than home depot, and we try to pass this along to the consumer. Our prices also include installation and warranty. A lot of folks simply don’t have time to build their own shed, just like they don’t have time to bake their own bread, mow their own lawn, etc. We totally encourage folks to build it themselves, but consider our sheds are absolutely optimized in their engineering and are produced with little waste. A home-owner building this on their own would have more waste, and that’s not as good the the environment. Cheers and thanks for the continued comments!

  • Mike Koenig

    Glad to see that our Sheds drum up fruitful discussions. In regards to price – they are in fact reasonable when you do an apples to apples comparison – i.e. a tuff shed with a working door, several windows, your own paint color, installation (which is included in our price, etc.) So, we maintain that $4500 is actually a very good price for a good looking shed. We could certainly do things to bring the price down (i.e. use 2 x 4 rafters instead of 2 x 6, but then we will be sacrificing the longevity, and probably aestetics of the product. The $7600 model you are referring to Fred is a nice size, lots of windows, metal door, and Hardibacker siding. If you don’t want Hardi, and one set of windows, the price would be closer to $5000. I really appreciate your feedback on the price – this is important info.

    As far as the placement of the Shed. The home-owner owns the property, has a community ditch running through it (which is handmade to help with waterflow through the city so the homes don’t get flooded), and got the ok from their neighbors to put this shed up which looks really good fro mthe street view and everyone is happy.

    Thanks again for your comments. I would welcome anyone to contact me anytime with more info. Much appreciated.

    Michael Koenig, President & Founder
    Studio Shed

    PS: Thx for the post Preston.

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