Niagara Conservation has developed what it claims is the world’s only 0.8 gallons per flush toilet, the Stealth.  The ultra high efficiency toilet — recently profiled as Alex Wilson’s Cool Product of the Week — uses a patented hydraulic technology to deliver a quiet flush with the performance of a pressure-assist toilet.  It’s a water saver, too, using approximately 37% less water than a standard high efficiency toilet.


Here’s how Stealth works: “By harnessing the energy created by water filling the tank, this toilet uses a patented air transfer system to pressurize the bowl’s trapway … by simply pressing the flush button, the swift, powerful and quiet flush evacuates all waste in the bowl.

Wilson, founder of BuildingGreen, points out that using the toilet in non-residential applications, or where the horizontal run is longer than 20 feet, may present some issues.  Potentially, there could be a “dry drain” situation where waste stops in plumbing pipes without having enough water to push it downstream.

Otherwise, Stealth is a WaterSense certified toilet, available in two models.  The round front model carries a manufacturers suggested retail price of $310, while the elongated model is priced at $325.




[+] Learn more about Stealth from Niagara Conservation.

Media credits: Niagara Conservation.