New Passive House in North Carolina


Update 3/31/2011: The First Passive House in North Carolina.

Recently we caught wind of a Passive House under construction in North Carolina. Chris Senior, certified Passive House consultant, along with his company Anchorage Building Corporation, the contractor, sent us these media files and a note that the home will be on the Raleigh area NAHB National Green Building Home Tour on May 15 and 22.


The ultra low-energy home will have a heavily insulated shell (R20 slab, R42 walls, and R62 roof) with a continuous whole-house air barrier. It will also have efficient Serious windows, an UltimateAir energy recovery ventilator, and two small 22 SEER mini-split heat and air systems.

Designed by architect Jay Fulkerson, the home was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Solar Hemicycle. The Passive House is located on 760 Kenmore Road in Chapel Hill.

Across the country, innovative project teams are experimenting with Passive House certification and construction. The Breezeway House in Utah just received certification, while others are in some stage of design and construction in Oregon, Wisconsin, Maine, and elsewhere. We’ll follow up with this one in North Carolina upon completion.




Media credits: Anchorage Building Corp.

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  • MrSteve007

    Two mini-split systems seem like they’d be a bit overkill in a passive house. I have a single 21 SEER 12,000 btu system in a regular home in Seattle and it works just fine.

    Very cool house however.

  • Tom Grizzle

    It seems like it’d be best if the north side of the house would be a smaller profile. It appears to be a north sloping lot, which would explain this. Otherwise, I like the looks of the place!

  • Si Senor

    Yep, (in N Hemisphere) Socrates recommended keeping a home’s back low to the strong cold N winds, while opening tall & wide to the S. The HVAC is 0.25-1 ton variable per floor. It’s the 0.25 that’s so hard to find.

  • Lemak

    Hi, we like to se the CONSTRUCTION, details as well, how the WHOLE house are constructed, from the ground and up to the roof. Thank you very much. 

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