Micro Green Prefab Units in California?


After completing a pair of ultra green prefab townhomes in Oakland, ZETA Communities is now designing two larger projects in planning for parking lot sites in Berkeley and San Francisco.  In collaboration with developer Panoramic Interests, these tiny SmartSpaces will be car-free, factory-built, and designed for LEED Platinum certification.


If developed, both SmartSpaces will have ultra small units ranging in size from 310 to 340 square feet, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Berkeley SmartSpaces project, located at 2711 Shattuck Avenue, will have 22 apartment units between four levels.  The San Francisco SmartSpaces project, located at 38 Harriet Street, will also have 22 condominium units between four levels with estimated pricing from $200,000 to $275,000.

ZETA, which is short for Zero Energy Technology and Architecture, produces net-zero energy multifamily housing in a factory in McClellan, California.  The company plans to build these prefab homes as efficiently as possible in an effort to consume energy on a net-zero basis.

Observers have expressed concerns with various aspects of these ambitious SmartSpaces.  Some balk at the potential pricing or small sizing, or both, while others criticize the lack of parking or wonder whether prefab construction will work.  In the end, if successfully developed, folks are going to take note.



[+]  Read more about Tiny Prefab Units from the San Francisco Chronicle.

Media credits: Brian Baer (showing homes being prefabricated by ZETA).

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  • MrSteve007

    The homes in the above images look impossible to be 310 sq/ft. They’re at least 12′ wide and look to be at least 40 feet long. They’d have to be 12′ x 26′ to be that small of square footage. Using the window as a frame of reference, it’s much longer than that.

    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

      Definitely, these are some homes being constructed in ZETA’s factory while plans move forward for the two micro projects.

  • Rebel

    Back where I come from (Virginia), these are what you see in trailer parks, exept that sometimes they look better. You can get a bathroom like the one in the picture for much less by landing yourself in jail.

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