Earlier this year, Ceracasa unveiled Lifewall, a modular living wall tile for exterior applications made in one square meter panels.  Lifewall was designed by and currently marketed globally by Emilio Llobat of Maqla Architects, Azahar Energy, and Ceracasa.

The new system uses drip-water irrigation for water efficiency and can support a variety of plantings.

Lifewall works in conjunction with another Ceracasa product called Bionictile.  Bionictile is a low-maintenance, ceramic, facade tile that’s available in shades of white, ivory, tobacco, and gray.  Perhaps most interestingly, it reacts with moisture and ultra violet rays to eat nitrogen oxides in the air.

When Lifewall is used with Bionictile, as pictured above, the results can be quite dramatic and somewhat matrix like.  Though some green walls have had difficulties in staying alive, this modular system from Ceracasa seems worth keeping an eye on.

Media credit: Ceracasa.