Container Crossbox with a Green Roof


When using shipping containers for a structure, you'll want to do your homework, but often the results can be stunning, as is the case here.  Located in Brittany, France, Crossbox was built with four containers and topped with greenery.  Two modules cantilever over the other two, but you can hardly tell what's going on as drywall and cladding camouflage the industrial skeleton. 






[+] Learn more about Crossbox from CG Architectes.

Photo credits: Javier Callejas; noticed at MoCo Loco

  • Jeepingetowah

    We are not going to have a green roof. But we are breaking ground this month on our container home just south of Austin, TX. Check out our site.

    • Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

      as if you can have green roofing for your trailer – oh wait, there’s moss!

  • Adam Waterford

    Wow – that Green Roof garden looks totally amazing. The design of the house is minimalistic yet grand. It doesn’t look like a Container Box at all – in fact, I never would’ve guessed it was, until I saw it on your post!

  • Brendan Gertner

    It doesn’t look like a container home at all – I mean, look at all that interior decor. The green roofing made a fantastic touch to the overall look of the house as well. The house looks like a vase for indoor plants, from the outside!

  • Michael H

    I am wondering…. what kind of exterior cladding that is. What is the brand /¬†manufacturer¬†of this product?

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