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With Light Fair 2010 next week, there’s a lot of lighting innovation in the pipeline.  Take for instance this news we received from the Lighting Science Group.  They’ve developed new LED lighting — referred to as the Definity LED line — which they say is rigorously tested and relatively affordable.  The lights contain no mercury and are recyclable, dimmable, and long-lasting.

The new LED line includes A19, PAR38, PAR30, PAR20, MR16, and G25 bulbs.  They’re expected to last 50,000 hours at 7 hours per day, 365 days a year.

Definity LED bulbs “offer the best lumens per dollar package and can save Americans hundreds of dollars in maintenance, replacement, and energy cost,” according to Zach Gibler, CEO of Lighting Science Group.

A company press release compares the Definity LED A19 with GE’s Energy Smart A19 LED and claims the Definity product is cheaper, longer lasting, and currently available, while the Energy Smart product is not available right now and will be built in China.

The A19 is a 40-watt equivalent that consumes 8 watts and carries a suggested retail price of $20.  Lighting Science Group says Definity LEDs are “built” in the United States, although company information also states that lighting products are built in the United States using domestic and imported parts.

It’s an interesting comparison to note.  In the end, what we know is the fact that competition and innovation is putting downward pressure on pricing to the point that consumers may have no other choice but to invest in LED lighting.

Update 5/13/2010: LSG also introduced a 60-watt equivalent Definity LED, which will sell in the low-$30 range.  The LED will use 9 watts and output 770 lumens.

Media credits: Lighting Science Group.

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  • MrSteve007

    Your quote says they offer “the best lumens per package” but doesn’t state the lumens or efficacy of the bulbs. Give us some real numbers to compare.

    • Preston

      Lumens for each bulb type is different, but you can get that figure and other specs here:

      By the way, I didn’t say that, the CEO did.

      • MrSteve007

        I should have been more specific in saying “your story’s quote.” Thank you for the link – the efficacy rates for the Definity brand are surprisingly good. Not tube florescent (109lm/w) good, but (~70lm/w) good.

  • sean cronin

    This product is still offering less than teh best in class. The Pharox bulb from Lemnis Lighting in Holland offers the equivalent of 60w incandescent lighting for just 6 watts, is dimmable and lasts 35000 hours. The product is also affordable with
    a special offer of €19.99 from the folks at
    have a rebate of €10 on the list price of €29.99. So this beats them all at present.
    I’ve got them installed for over a year in my house (E27 and B22) and they’ve paid back their cost in electricity savings already. Here’s to the next 20 years of savings.

    • BeachBum

      The Pharox bulb only states its output as “Light output: >300 lumen”… what does that mean, 301 lumen, 400 lumen? The Lighting Science Group LEDs above state 770 lumen for the 60w replacement. I like the sound of that far better.

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