Affordable Housing Meets LEED Platinum

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Already 70% leased, this impressive 66-unit apartment project, Silver Gardens, is the first affordable housing development in New Mexico that has been designed and built to obtain LEED Platinum certification. Located on a reclaimed brownfield near bus and rail access, Silver Gardens boasts some impressive green elements.


Silver Gardens was built with superior insulation, low- or no-VOC finishes, FSC-certified wood framing, high efficiency HVAC systems, efficient operable low-E windows, efficient plumbing fixtures, Energy Star appliances and lighting, and a sloped roof to collect up to 5,000 gallons of water for use in the courtyard.

According to a press release, Silver Gardens is the first affordable housing project in the country to earn income from a carbon offset transaction. The Enterprise Green Communities Offset Fund purchased offsets – due to green design and construction – for a minimum of 330 tons of CO2 that will not be released in the environment.

Of note, 85% of green apartments are affordable to people making 30-60% of the median income in the area. They range in size from 445 to 934 square feet and in price from $288 to $764. The remaining market rate units range in price from $650 to $1200 per month.

In the world of green affordable housing, perhaps Jonathan Rose Companies is one of the best developers you’ll find. One of its affiliates in Albuquerque, Romero Rose LLC, in cooperation with the Supportive Housing Coalition of New Mexico, developed the first phase of Silver Gardens for $12.5 million with 5 studio, 46 one-bedroom, and 15 two-bedroom units.

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Photo credits: Jonathan Rose Companies.

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  • caterina

    Beautiful complex. It’s great to see developers are building sustainable apartments and well as homes. And the fact that it’s earning income from the carbon offset is commendable. Hopefully others will follow their “leed”.


  • Ginny

    It’s a beautiful-looking building made even more beautiful because it’s designed to be affordable housing. As more affordable housing units are built throughout the country, developers should keep an eye on energy-efficiency. Not only can this reduce carbon emissions, but it can also make the homes even more affordable through reduced utility bills. The press release specifies that Energy Star lighting was used. I would be interested to know if it’s LED lighting or fluorescent lighting. Since LED lighting uses even less energy and can last even longer than fluorescent lighting, I hope that’s what they opted for. While LED lighting is more expensive upfront, it can bring long-term savings to these homeowners.

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