400W Small Wind Turbine [Giveaway]


To be considered for this random giveaway, leave a comment below through the end of Thursday, May 6, 2010.*

After writing about Sam's Club's installation of 17 Skystream turbines in California, we were approached by the company with an opportunity to give away a 400W wind generator.  We jumped at the chance given this could help out one of our readers.  For informational purposes, the micro turbine is available for purchase online at Sam's Club, but at the end of this giveaway, one random commenter will be chosen to receive one for free. 

Keep in mind that the generator doesn't come with a tower kit and will need to be set up, but it has a value of $596.00 and will get you well on your way toward generating on-site electricity.  Here are the specs:

  • Carbon fiber composite blades for low wind noise;
  • Lightweight cast aluminum body;
  • Easy installation;
  • Weatherproof;
  • Great for 12V battery charging, remote power, and backup power;
  • Fully integrated regulator automatically shuts down when batteries are charged to minimize wear; and
  • Max power up to 400 watts or 27 amps in ideal conditions.  

The small wind turbine has a three year warranty and seems ideal for tiny homes, cabin retreats, or urban locations where small wind is allowed. 

*To participate in this giveaway contest, leave a comment here by midnight MST on Thursday, May 6, 2010.  One comment per person; use a valid email; available only in the United States.  By leaving a comment, you agree to the terms and conditions relating to giveaways on Jetson Green.

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  • http://twitter.com/RickMunday RickMunday

    Very cool! I was surprised to see the story on Sams Club using wind power. I know Walmart has made in-roads to being more green but this caught me off guard.

    I’ve been eyeballing wind power for a bit, my one issue has always been noise. I’ve seen a few of the smaller wind generators and all have been pretty “buzzy whirly” sounding (boat installations). This one looks really nice by spec and design.

    Whoever wins needs to post up their experience here! I know I would be more than willing to share data and opinions.

  • M Nicholson

    What an awsome giveaway! We have been looking into these, and It would be great to win one!

  • http://georgedearing.com George Dearing

    Good to see you guys promoting wind power so heavily. We’d love a chance to win the turbine..keep fighting the good fight.

  • Robb

    I think micro turbines are incredibly interesting. The decreased cost would seem to allow multiple turbine configurations in various locations, which could be a huge advantage for areas traditionally not utilized for wind power.

  • jon knight

    I’ve been showing that piece around to folks – it surprised nearly every one of them that Sams was installing wind power. Now I guess I have to send them all back here to try to get one!

    Or… I could get one…

  • Anonymous

    Too many trees at home, but this would be perfect for my office – count me in!

  • Anonymous

    Congrats to Sam’s. This is a great oportunity to show the public the alternative energy is available to all. I realy want a couple of these and some solar but still struggle with the cost. I hope I win!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1409918580 Adrienne d’Entremont Burt

    This would be a great addition to my tiny farm!

  • Anonymous

    Now this is what I call a giveaway. One that keeps on giving even!

  • Carpenter183

    This would be perfect for my cabin.

  • http://twitter.com/driftwood78 Shaun Smakal

    Now this is a contest I’ll definitely comment on.

  • Kurt

    I was just looking at this on Amazon last night! me please!!!

  • Blake Dore

    Jetson Green always has the greatest giveaways! I’d love this for my outdoor kitchen.

  • lance

    woohoo, free power πŸ˜‰

  • Garth

    Sweet! I just moved to a windy spot. Count me in!

  • Anonymous

    Cool idea. I think more contests like this one could get more people who are on the fence for alternative energy to really see the potential out there. Hopefully, if I am chosen at random, others will take a look and want to know more, too.

  • Anonymous

    This will be perfect for the windy desert I call home.

  • Christopher Welch

    Living here on the Colorado front range, where it is always windy, I’m always surprised there aren’t more wind tubines in use. A quiet, micro turbine like this might be just what is needed to get more people on board.

  • Anonymous

    Looks great. I want it!

  • Anonymous

    Great Giveaway!

  • Anonymous

    When I saw the title, I thought it must refer to a book about wind-power – but when I saw that it was an actual turbine, I was really excited! This would be awesome!

  • http://troyschneider.com/ Troy K. Schneider

    Excellent. And Arlington, VA, could use a wind turbine or two!…

  • Tabitha

    Aren’t Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club owned by the same people? I don’t know why it would be that surprising.. Very cool, nonetheless.

  • MichaelP

    As an intern for the iCAST (international center for appropriate sustainable technology) I could easily find a great home for this turbine in rural western Colorado.

  • Anonymous

    Our neighbor currently has one! Help us spread the revolution. Keep fightin’ the good fight.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=513765 Ben Young

    I’ve been really interested in small wind for a while. This would be awesome.

  • Chris

    Aweome blossom! Extra Awesome!

  • Joe

    Where we live solar wouldn’t work well, but a wind turbine would!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not surprised by the move of Wal-Mart and Sams Club. They follow their customer very closely and make changes when market forces are at work. A good example is their move in to locally produced food and organics.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not surprised by this move for Wal_Mart and Sam’s Club. They follow their customers very closely and work to provide products they want. For example, the strong move by Wal-Mart into locally produced food s and organic products. This wind turbine would go great at my home in the mountains.

  • Anonymous

    Very cool. I would love the chance to win one! and I especially like Sam’s Club’s promotion of alternative energy resources.

  • Ruben

    Awesome! Pick me!!….randomly….

  • http://www.tinyhousedesign.com michaeljanzen

    I know exactly how I’d use this turbine, on my Tiny Free House.

    This is a tiny house I’ve been slowly cobbling together that’s made mostly from shipping pallets. It measures only 7×12 feet but will have a kitchen, bath, living space, storage, and will sleep 3. The core concept I’m exploring with the project is the true value of a house.

    Shouldn’t the true value of a home be measured by the happiness and security it brings instead of its size and cost?

    In the end the house will cost nothing but my effort. Any money spent on the house will be offset by selling free stuff I’ve been finding on craigslist.

    This turbine would become the core to an off-grid power system that will power the house. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. :-)

  • Josh

    I like the website guys! Keep up the good work. Any thoughts on ever profiling an Earthship?

  • Joanna

    I would like to be entered in the wind turbine giveaway, please. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Anonymous

    This would be great for a cabin in WI. I hope I win.

  • Jeremiah

    Yes I would totally love one of these!!!!!

  • BC

    pick me!

  • http://twitter.com/andrewstone Andrew Stone

    I am absolutely up for this! Amazing Giveaway. I could see this powering my garage fully; the ventilation fan, opener and lights.

  • Anonymous

    What a sweet little turbine.

  • http://www.mencerphotography.com Heather Mencer

    Heck yeah I’ll participate! I have a three year plan to build one of Jay Shafers Tumbleweed houses. I would love to power it with a wind turbine so sign me up! In the mean time I’m going to look into this product. Thanks!

  • Jeff

    Perfect for my quest to get off the grid!

  • S. Wells

    We are developing a tiny home for our back lot and would love to experiment incorporating wind power into the mix.

  • Jon

    I would love to get my hands on a wind turbine like that!

  • paul s

    Very cool! Consider me entered!

  • Anonymous

    Posting to enter! :)

    Go wind power!

  • Anonymous

    Totally cool giveaway! BTW that is THE cutest cabin ever in the photo! What a dream it would be to live there.

  • http://www.masonrydesign.blogspot.com Peter Roberts

    Best giveaway ever! I gave my email below.

  • Dan

    OMG – what a cool giveaway! I so hope I win!

  • http://www.typepad.com/repreneur Kyle Cherrick

    I’d love to erect this at the family farm house in Washington! Hopefully I’ll get lucky again.

  • amber

    wow. sams club is selling wind turbines, i’m amazed.

  • Aaron Milano

    I love wind power & would love this to power my new tiny shed!

  • Anonymous

    I’d love one of these!

  • Bill

    Nice. I did not know Sam’s Club had these. I have just seen them available online.

  • Soulf2

    Happy to see Sam’s Club selling HAWTs online. Very convenient and smart. I look forward to the day I walk into Sam’s Club and see one on display between the lawn mowers and gas grills. Hopefully that will convince the HOAs that this is the future and not an eyesore.

  • http://SanJoseGreenHome.com San Jose Green Home

    Some friends and I are building an off the grid meditation center in Northern California region and this would be such a treat :-) Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this guys. Tadas N.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty cool. Just the other day, we were talking about setting up a small wind generator at the community garden I’m gardening at. Hope whoever wins posts their results here.

  • Anonymous

    Hurray! Wind for the masses, I’d really like to participate by snagging the giveaway! Will put it up right away!

  • Dean

    I’m sure that would be good to have here in windy Nevada.

  • Anonymous

    Very cool! Happy to see this. I hope the Gulf Oil spill will catapult alternative energy. I hope to never see this kind of catastrophe again!

  • http://tinyhouseproject.wordpress.com Dan L

    This would be a great addition to my small system!!

  • MrSteve007

    I’ve always wanted one of these. Great contest!

    -crossing fingers-

  • Scott

    I’ll be looking for some land to build my tiny house on. This would be a great way to start and have some power during construction.

  • D Starr

    Getting a LEED platinum home built now. This would be a cool addition!

  • Anonymous

    What a great product!!!

  • Lisa

    Love it!

  • http://twitter.com/stjohnsean Sean St. John

    Working on an off-grid Tiny Home and this would be a nice addition.

  • http://www.danjrichards.com dan

    I would love to have one of those! It could power the lights in my art studio!

  • Jonathan Feld

    A wind turbine as a give-away? How AWESOME!!! I would love the chance to set it up in my town and begin changing the minds of the community leaders who are not totally convinced in the green/sustainable arena! Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  • Steve Smith

    Not to be long-winded, but winning that turbine would blow me away, even if erecting it will not necessarily be a breeze, because I am such a big fan of this site.

  • http://twitter.com/kweinert Ken Weinert

    This would be a very nice addition to the getaway cabin we’re designing.

  • David Chase

    Trying for the giveaway too. Been interested in setting up a wind/ solar hybrid and this would deal with half of it anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Since the wind is always blowing here this would be awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Hooray for wind power !

  • MJF

    This would be great for powering our farm camera viewing system.

  • AlexC

    Does anyone know what height and wind speed is recommended for this turbine?

  • Jeff Haugen

    I have a small place in Washington and decided last year solar would not work because of my trees, I could top, and cut down some trees, but do not want to. So I have been looking at the wind turbine, this would be great for me, I am single and I bet I could live just fine with just this one turbine.
    Good luck to everyone.

  • Krista

    Excellent give away.

  • David

    “or urban locations where wind is allowed.” Maybe where wind turbines are allowed? :)

    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

      But you understood what I meant didn’t you?

  • Jill Schneider

    Ahhhhh! Perfect…I sure could use this for my tiny home design/rebuild in Indiana…or should I say, Wind-iana! hehehe C: <3

  • Anonymous

    Would work great at our cabin in Paxson, Alaska.

  • Anonymous

    Great product…count me in!

  • Anonymous

    Totally cool! I’d love to be the winner!

  • David Jones

    Would love to use one of these in the city (Atlanta). I’ve seen a few popping up here.

  • Allen

    I’m shocked (in a good way) that Sam’s Club is taking a stab at this. That’s pretty freaking SWEET! If more “BigBox” companies would “Go GREEN” even to a small degree it would help a lot.

    We’re having a “Wind Audit” done on our land May 12th to see how viable Wind Power Generation is…. would be NICE to have this unit to write about and review!! PICK ME !! :)

    Go GREEN!!

  • http://kolhaadam.wordpress.com Joseph Kelly

    I am interested!

  • Robert Schlegel

    What a great way to use a natural resource to power a small home, hope to see more of it in the Future.

  • Sean

    Great giveaway idea! Count me in!

  • http://www.bybungalows.com Gary

    This would be a great addition to my small Backyard Bungalows that I’m building. They are Green, super energy efficient, strong, made with SIPs and this could power the lighting, etc for them.

  • Anonymous

    I am a student at Cascadia Community College in Bothell, WA. My area of studies is in Environmental Technology and Sustainable Practices. If I were awarded the wind turbine generator, I would donate it to my school’s program in ETSP. This would immensely enrich and enhance our program through having a live wind turbine which we could set up and study in our campus wetlands. The wetlands are jointly owned by the campus of Cascadia CC and UW – Bothell. By having an actual working and learning tool such as this, we could also develop whole courses study around this individual energy producing machine. Please consider me and the Cascadia Community College Environmental Technology and Sustainable Practices program for your random giveaway of the Wind Turbine Generator.

  • Jeff

    We just received a small grant to build a container house from the city and would love to incorporate this into the design

    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

      Definitely interested in seeing construction and completion of your container house …

  • D Campbell

    count me in

  • sgramley

    I’m planning wind power at my high desert property in SoCal. This would get me on my way!!!!

  • Jo Parker

    I love it! My wish come true!

  • Anonymous

    What a wonderful giveaway. The lucky winner will truely enjoy this.

  • Linda Hanlon

    Sometimes urban, older multi-unit homes get left out of the wind and solar and retrofit opportunities, but my 60s era 4-plex apartment has a willing owner and is west facing. It is a perfect location for a small wind unit with it’s flat roof and territorial view which allows lots of wind and sun to hit the building. I’d love to run a laptop with a wireless connection on this unit. Thanks.

  • Cynthia Tower

    I hope I win!

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to toss my name in the hat… Here goes!

  • Anonymous

    Sign me up! I’d love a free wind turbine!

  • D. L. Chaban

    I live in one of the windiest parts of town in Palm Springs, CA, and could sure use one. Sign me up. I want to win this.

  • Anonymous

    Sweet! We could really use a wind unit here on our little urban farm!

  • michael house

    this looks like the perfect size for a small cabin or trailer. i would love to have one to be used for power in my back shed.

  • Jim D

    great deal for my cabin!

  • albertf

    random comment:
    Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us. Oscar Wilde

  • Yo

    Great website! Great giveaway idea! Count me in.

  • Anonymous

    Windpower for small homes may not seem a huge overall effort to save on energy
    but, no doubt in large numbers, they can go a long way towards helping. I’m sure those that use one are very happy indeed. I know I would like the opportunity.

  • David Lee

    That’s a fine micro turbine I’d be proud to own. Thanks for
    the opportunity to win one of these!

  • Anonymous

    Good contest idea. Thanks, Sam’s Club!

  • Anonymous

    This is very cool. I think there should be more green giveaways. Because everyone loves free stuff, green or not.

  • Zac W.

    I could really use a small wind turbine to green myself and my large family.

  • G Williams

    My rural property in Siskiyou Co. in CA would be a perfect fit for a wind turbine. Love you daily emails.

  • DJM

    It would be great to harness the wind here in Iowa and get to know first hand how well those little ones worked. That would have been a stimulus we could all enjoy….imagine how many of these could have been given to small home owners for the amount of what one of those corrupt banksters received.

  • Anonymous

    The coastal properties of Florida should be peppered with these wind turbines and I’m willing to start the push.

  • Charlie

    OK, random comment here. I could use a small wind turbine…

  • Erin

    How exciting…this would be awesome!

  • jurhahn

    Count me in!

  • Anonymous

    Oh Wow! This is exciting. My husband & I have been talking about getting on e of these. We would definately share our experiences and would look forward to hearing from whoever wins. Last fall we completed a permaculture design certification course, are becoming better observers but taking it slow doing what we can to make changes; making better choices in caring for people, earth. We know we are still tipping the scales on the more consumption side but our goal is to equalize. It will be cause for celebration if we can bring our selves to tipping the scale, at least some days, towards redistributing the surplus.

  • http://www.suburbanshift.com Bob Loftin

    Would love to try that thing out. Really cool.

  • Patrick

    Cool to see, alot of talk and use here in Alaska about wind power. I’d like to see more!

  • Anonymous

    Great unit, small wind turbines could help define our end user limits of energy consumption as opposed to unlimited access.

  • http://www.sethneal.com/ Seth Neal

    Oh man! Count me in!

  • Anonymous

    It would be awesome to have one of these for our tiny cabin. Great contest!

  • http://twitter.com/zenofzne David Williams

    I just specified a Skystream for a
    US Fish and Wildlife project. Kept it on a monopole to reduce the danger to birds. Seems like the low(er) maintenance and easy hookup are great for a number of users.

  • Mark Johnson

    This is a sweet giveaway.

    I’ve been looking at wind options for a small cabin I am building.

  • Erin Bolton

    This would be PERFECT for us!!

  • Melissa

    Sounds wonderful! I’m anxious to try some form of alternative energy.

  • Anonymous

    Please enter me in this giveaway.

    This turbine would make a great addition to the off the grid cabin I am building. πŸ˜‰

    Keep up the good work.

  • Erin

    Great giveaway! Sounds affordable aside from getting it free too.

  • http://www.asaphouse.com Laszlo Kiss

    It would be a nice addition to our 10kW PV’s which provide 65% of our energy needs.

  • Janwantswind

    My house in Chicago surely doesn’t look like that mountain haven in the photo above – but hey – don’t you want to see the turbines in use in the urban midwest as well? We are the ‘Windy City’… :)

  • Wende Schultz

    I would love to provide some of our power through wind generation.

  • TIm

    Consider me entered!

  • Anonymous

    This could be a great turbine to try out in a number of different locations.

    I think making turbines available at places like Sam’s club will make them appealing to a wider market. Nice!

  • http://www.jdblundell.com Jonathan Blundell

    Sounds sweet. I doubt our HOA would be thrilled with us having one – but I’ve got some family members with great locations for one.

    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

      The HOA may be tempered or precluded by a state law, depending on the state, that would allow solar or small wind in certain circumstances. Hard to say, though.

  • pmedina

    Awesome. count me in

  • FernandoStevens

    Very snazzy. I’ve been looking into ways to greenify a bit and save a little on the electric bill.

    Count me in!

  • http://twitter.com/davidglover David Glover

    The wind comes sweeping down the plain here in Oklahoma – Thanks Jetson Green and Skystream what an awesome product and giveaway!

    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

      Our pleasure … but thanks in this case goes to Sam’s Club.

  • Anonymous

    What a great idea. Thanks for the opportunity to win one free. We are very interested in going greener on our compound.

  • DC

    We can Wind… Blow by Blow….

  • Anonymous

    I live on Jamaica Bay in Queens, NY. Lots of wind; I’ve been looking at many systems to switch from Con Ed to off-grid. House needs to be fixed, and I’m trying to make ends meet while being underemployed due to the economy. Wind turbine is a great way for me
    to start.

  • dzb

    Our fellow urban neighbors are already appalled at our safe lawn – why not this?
    I love the look myself.

  • Anonymous

    As I’m reading this, I’m looking out the window and we’re having some solid winds and strong gusts, and my town doesn’t have zoning issues with windmills, I could sure use one!

  • Michael Irish

    In The Dalles,Or wind is the future…It would also work very well with my wee house.

    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

      A WeeHouse? We’d love to see it. How long have you had it?

  • http://www.elementalled.com Elemental LED staff

    Portland certainly gets its share of wind! Sign us up!

  • Anonymous

    I would love to randomly win this!

  • Aaron

    I’d actually heard about Sams Club installing the turbines, but what I really think is the coolest is that they will actually be selling them. That will hopefully influence more folks to pick them up. Lord knows how many people shop at Sams. :)

  • Bananer

    Such an exciting giveaway, it would be great for our small acreage of land we have!

  • Anonymous

    That’s great that not only is Sam’s Club USING wind power, but that they’re offering it for sale as well. I’d love to have this for the cabin I’m designing now.

  • Tami Vermillion

    This would be so useful at our house. We live on a bay that receives an incredible amount of wind; it’s one of the best windsurfing spots in the state of Washington. I’d love to see this wind put to good use (besides recreationally), and inspire the neighborhood to do the same!

  • Anonymous

    I could really use this for my super off-grid lifestyle

  • Matt Lesperance

    Very sweet, Lets keep it moving.

  • Anonymous

    wow, was just looking these up, can’t believe you’d be giving it away, here’s to hoping i win what i was researching!!

  • Linda

    As a “lady home builder”, women ask me all the time about when it will be possible to reduce the cost of heating, cooling, and other home needs b a device that will ‘fit in their backyard’. For this reason, I have considered offering mini turbines spotted through a subdivision that homeowners could ‘share’. I don’t know how many 2000 SF homes could be serviced in that manner – but I suspect that on a cost effective basis, homeowners might ‘share’ the energy reductions, but need to pay an additional amount to the service providers. There is also the question of ‘looks’. I always wonder why people complain about cell phone towers, etc – when they have been living with telephone and electrical poles for more than 100 years. I can understand not wanting to have a wind turbine SITE next to your back yard – since it takes a lot of anchoring space. I wonder, however, if there isn’t some alternative to this problem – the rotating cylinders, for example, that are wind turbines. Another alternative might be to make the anchoring space so ATTRACTIVE that it was considered a great area for family and kids to gather – landscaping, mixed use areas for baseball, soccer, picnics, etc. The immediate problem that comes to mind is the liablity factor of the tower failing and injuring someone. As the energy crunch starts effecting people as the current recession has done, I think there will be second thoughts: Do I want electricity or go back to kerosene laps and wood fires? There’s not a doubt what I’ll choose: I can’t live without hot water – and I’m not about to start heating it on a cast iron stove.

  • Bill

    Very nice! I would definitely use that.

  • Anonymous

    Just convinced my parents that it might be a good option for their house… Thanks for the give away!

  • Anonymous

    This would be awesome to have. I’m not sure if my neighborhood allows them unfortunately. I’ll definitely do my best to pressure them into letting me install this if I’m lucky enough to win it.

  • allen macmillan

    what a great way to start a new e- energy system in a new home. :)

  • mbr


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=598150235 Brendan OConnor

    I’ve seen these before at work, the crew @ a Jean Michel Cousteau use one at one of their Environment centers, I though they would be too expensive for home owners but the price of these seem reasonable for a small residence to be able to use one.

  • http://alec.prudentialhomefinder.com Alec Armour

    These are great little turbines for rural applications as well. I would love to install a few of these!

  • angie harrison

    this would be perfect for powering a small backyard shed.

    • SEth

      Amazing!!! This would be a perfect way to start off my ‘off the grid living!’

  • Anonymous

    This is great! I envy our local National Guard station for their having the capital to install a big old wind turbine and PV. We would install this on our undeveloped parcel outside of Taos, and use it to power a pump for a well.

  • http://industrialrevelations.blogspot.com Amber

    Ooooh; I would love to have this! (and I even know someone who could build a tower for it :)

  • Kristen D

    I would be the coolest kid on the block with one of these bad boys.
    Thank you for the opportunity..

  • T Readinger

    On the Maine coast, wind power is gaining momentum.

  • Henry

    The wind keeps blowing like crazy…a use for it would be pretty nice.

  • Anonymous

    I plan to retire from my aerospace job soon and retire to the east Texas woods and build a net ZEH. This small turbine would make part of a great demonstration of what can be done to minimize our footprint on this planet.

  • Ian

    This is a great giveaway item – perfect for a small off-grid cabin…

  • http://red-icculus.com Red Icculus

    We are building a house built around self-sustainability. Our house is rain collection, well water, propane and (hopefully!) solar and wind if we can scrape the money together, even though we are struggling.

    I had no idea Sam’s Club sold wind power. Love the blog. Keep up the good work.

  • Anonymous

    We’re in the process of building a leed certified home. This would be a great addition to home!

  • Anonymous

    This would be great for a campsite!

  • Anna Shown

    Oh! I have been researching all of these small home turbines for so long, they have come so far, please please let me be lucky!

  • Anonymous

    Ole Sam would be proud to know that Wal-Mart and Sam’s were at the forefront of the alternative energy movement

  • brad carlisle

    Very cool , i would like a few for my place

  • mitchell davis

    Great story and great product! Mitchell Davis small house fan…949-510-1185

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a great idea.

  • http://www.doingwellness.com lon

    wind is the answer. Thankyou for offering this to the public. It is a win win.

  • Anonymous

    would be fun to put up in my yard, the guy next door put up a homemade one lasted about a week ,(blades where not balanced ) we get good wind at night .here in the city, i live in Valley Center , Kansas. town is in the bottom of the Valley , hope I win lol

  • Amy K

    I would love one! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Anonymous

    Here in Ohio, there is a real push to get 300MW of our energy grid off of sustainable energy. Instead of blanketing our farm land with solar panels and/or wind mills, these small mills are just the thing. The solar panel needs could be easily addressed by using the flat roofs of warehouses and factories…why till up our farm land!

    Eric in Ohio

  • TH

    Glad to see Sam’s Club using wind power. Great give away too!

  • Terry

    The perfect compliment to my solar array. Thanks for giving us a chance, Preston!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vfOnxiUDIo Artist

    What a great idea, thank you so much.

  • http://www.thechicecologist.com JP

    Oooh, yes please!

  • Bill

    It’s very windy in west Eugene!

  • Clem

    Just bought a 110-year-old farmhouse with an empty spot on the top of the hill just begging for a new-fangled wind turbine!

  • Chris

    OK, ….I want it.

  • Jessica James Zinda

    This is fantastic! I would love to win and tell my urban community about your great products.

  • R. Foltz

    I built a greenhouse without electricity..I would like to power small heating pads to put underneath the seed starting trays..the sun and the breeze would be perfect!

  • Steve Lerch

    Sounds perfect for my roof!

  • Curt

    Would be perfect for our area, better than solar.

  • William Rainey

    This is very cool, and the new beauty in anyones landscape.

  • Anonymous

    Very intriguing, my fellow graduate students and I at the USC School of Engineering would love to have the opportunity to gather some data on the unit with respect to site selection at our satellite research centers. Hope I win! Keep up the great work…

  • http://blackcherryconcepts.com Nepenthe

    life is good, but a cute little windmill might make it stupendous!

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait to get one spinning in my yard

  • Jim Gardner

    gimmmee gimmmee

  • Jim Gardner

    gib mE dat

  • RoeBoeDog

    I recently drove past that Sams Club. It was very cool looking. More major chains should follow Sams Club lead.

  • carey huffman

    I live on an island and am very interested in wind energy. Thanks for the article on your blog.

  • Anonymous

    Iv been looking into wind power to save money on power and go further green. Id love to show off wind power to the neighborhood.

  • Jeff

    We are getting started rebuilding an old bus to live in. This would be a perfect addition :)

  • Rob Lyman

    We are building an Eco Adventure Lodge and this would fit very nicely into the scheme of things. Thanks for the chance to win the wind generator. We can all win with windpower if we but spread our wings of imagination and power up our minds with possibility.

  • bill stigers

    I have a small hobby farm (more like a livestock animal refuge) 18 miles from my house, totally off grid. I just recently had a small cabin shell put up and am planning on finishing it within the next two months. This wind turbine is a fantastic alternative for electric power for my farm! Presently, we have to run a generator when we need power, but don’t care for the noise or having to use gasoline, so this would be a fantastic addition! We take in unwanted livestock from the Rutherford Co shelter and needed a place to sleep and hang out to spend more time with the critters. Not having power is a real problem, and even if I don’t win, I’m going to look into this product here in middle Tennessee!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been thinking about using these on my property and been taslking to a friend about doing the same on his. Wind throughout the day on both parcels. Seems ideal to generate power off the grid!

  • andrew barry

    it looks amazing..would love to use one~~

  • Eric Graves

    Well, heck! Count me in. I’d LOVE to add wind power to my home!

  • Anonymous

    Great idea for getting people to look at wind-power. I hope whoever wins will send word of how they use it. I’d love to know if it would be practical in a city, or what’s involved beyond the turbine itself.

    • http://www.jdblundell.com Jonathan Blundell

      Dang the sucky thing about this contest is getting emailed everytime
      someone ads a comment.

      Glad to see so many people interested — but I really wish there was a
      way to turn off notifications for individual posts in Disqus.

      • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

        I think you subscribed to subsequent comments by email. If so, above you should be able to unsubscribe to comments by email. Hope this works. We’re getting an all-time high in comments right now.

        • http://www.jdblundell.com Jonathan Blundell

          Yes. I am subscribed to the comments via e-mail – I like to know when people respond to my comments. I’m not complaining about your site… more a feature in Disqus. I would like to be able to unsubscribe to posts from time to time while still getting the updates on all my other sites. Disqus doesn’t have that feature at this time :-(

  • http://www.starprompt.tv bev

    Would sooo love to get this so as to rub the fan blades into my Republican-esque community. I’d hit the local news, and it would be good.

  • Anonymous

    Small, scaleable wind is an overlooked energy resource that can be part of the equation for carbon-free power. Fairly new to this website but am sending links to all my interested friends.

  • Andy Heger

    This would be a great move for my family’s vacation location!

  • WC

    It’s fantastic that Sam’s has decided to showcase alternative energy the way they have. Little by little the alternative becomes more mainstream…..

  • Anonymous

    Nice looking generator. Could put it to work here.

  • clyde stew

    Very interesting I would love to see what it would do in my neck of the woods with our electrical power bill being rated on coal prices we really have high bills.

  • Matt

    My fiancΓ©e and I are going to be married in 9 days. What an AMAZING wedding gift this would be!

  • Jon

    Hope I win! πŸ˜€

  • Anonymous

    Sam’s Club sells wind turbines? Who knew. And what an awesome giveaway!

  • Anonymous

    My name is Oona…like charlie Chaplin’s wife. I am Basque, French American and married to a Senegalese fisherman. We are directors of a non-for-profit ecological cultural arts exchange camp based in the north of Senegal near Saint Louis (where there is a lot of wind btw!) We are in the process of building the first sustainable camp in Senegal where the traditional african life style is mixed with ultra modern eco-architecture in order to show the african governments that THIS IS WHAT THEY SHOULD INVEST IN!!! Africa is still bare and full of open land that is ripe to build new green cities based on their traditions (using adobe, wells for water and solar panels OR little wind mills!!) Senegal has 700 km of coastline with loads of wind each day yet there are no wind mills. I think this would be a great opportunity to show the government that there are people ready to modernize Senegal as long as the government participates in funding sustainable and ecological development.
    I think my association would be a perfect place for your windmill because we are very small and local, I am fully integrated into the Senegalese population through my husband and child and this wouldn’t be just a private wind mill….people would come to see it from all over the country and I think it will inspire a lot of businesses who might see an economic opportunity in investing in wind power!
    Thanks for your time. I hope to be in touch soon!
    Oona Ibar

  • Rosemee Smith

    We’d love this – looks handy for emergencies since we live in a windy area.

  • Rosemee Smith

    This would be so handy – live in windy area and always wanted to try it.

  • william wagnon

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Devon Newman

    this is a great little turbine, with enough power to really make a difference in our energy consumption. we’re stuck with a small home on property that is ideal for wind generation, but without the money to take advantage. this little guy would be a great start, good luck to all- GO GREEN!

  • http://www.poah.org rodger brown

    What a great idea. I would love to install this on our community center in New Bedford Massachusetts

  • Lynne

    I’m in the design stage for an off-the-grid home in upstate NY and this would solve many problems!

  • Anonymous

    I want to win a wind turbine, I want to win a wind turbine, I want to win a wind turbine : ) I’m closing my eyes and clicking my heels……

  • Anonymous

    Woohoo! Wind Power for all! Not sure how I would utilize it, but I’m sure I would find somewhere to stick it!

  • kotikalapudi

    wind turbine it is socool . I like it

  • Jarrod W. Van Kirk

    I love your wind turbines!

  • BreakWind

    yes, please

  • BreakWind

    yes, please

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a great way to reduce your power consumption from the grid.

  • Anonymous

    this would be the coolest thing, i think i’d be the only one in atlantic county w/ one on their home.

  • Rick Borton

    This would sure help with the developement of the homestead in Oklahoma.

  • Anonymous

    This is great! We are a small canine rescue group on a ranch in Waller, Texas. We are trying to do a green remodel on one of the “outbuildings” for a permanent shelter for volunteers. Our resources are limited (funds generally go toward care and feeding of the dogs),but we are actually talking about trying to build our own solar panels. We had not not considered wind power because of the expense. This would be God send for us!

  • Anonymous

    What a great idea and an interesting blog I will definitely be back! Love the idea of more ways to save energy, money, & resources especially big businesses…keep them coming

  • Anonymous


    I’m a graduate student building a microhouse in Vermont on the cheap and would really benefit from such a cool opportunity! Thanks for doing this!


  • http://www.davidwrightphoto.com David

    Looks great. This would be wonderful for the very small home I am building as my first home in Maine. The foot print will be less than 500 sq. feet and as environmentally friendly as possible. I plan to start a blog about the process this spring.



  • T R

    They just made it legal here to install wind power on a residential lot. Would love to have this.

  • http://www.protohaus.moonfruit.com ann holley

    Thanks for the chance to win!I am really excited!

  • Dennis C. Schutte

    God gives the wind to blow. Why not use it? – Dennis

  • Dayle

    This is something I could really use out at our farm that is yet to be on the grid!!! We bring a gas generator when we need to use power tools!!!!

  • http://thistinyhouse.com Hillary @ ThisTinyHouse

    Cheers to wind power! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Dano

    Would love to see this on your house and mine!

  • Anonymous

    I would love one of those!

  • Chris

    Put me on the list, wind power is awesome. I think every home in america should have one!

  • Vishwa R Prasad

    This 400W Small Wind Turbine is a great way to get in to renewable energy endeavour. Count me in Please for the giveaway.

  • Toni Herrera

    Thanks for the info. Good luck folks!

  • Nathan

    Very impressed with the specs – and price – of this generator. Definitely something to look into, unless I happen to win one. πŸ˜‰

  • http://www.debracthomas.com Deb Thomas

    This is great! We’ve been researching alternative energy sources, but were unaware that Sam’s Club is offering something like this. We would love to be off-grid on our ten rural acres, but even backup generation would be a big plus. Thanks for letting us know about this, and offering this give-away!

  • http://pureflorida.blogspot.com FC

    Wow! It actually is pretty attractive too. I was surprised at the SAM’s connection too.
    Count me in!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! I would love to use this to help power my garden office!

  • Jack Friday

    Would love to have one and see how well it would do by Lake Livingston in East Texas.

  • Anonymous

    Sam Club turbines? Great idea. Lets mainstream this stuff as soon as we can. Love to have one of my own!

  • Casey Sanders

    Sweet giveaway. I think wind and solar combined is the ultimate setup. Keep the lights glowing even during the darkness of winter…

  • http://www.solarburrito.com Joseph Ebsworth

    Cool, would work great on the Solar Burrito property. Now if they only made a power souce powered by rain… Oh ya hydro but we don’t have a stream. Thanks Jetson Green, count me in.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Pretty cool.

  • Alice Reimann

    Count me in, I would love to own a wind turbine.

  • Anonymous

    Very neat, very useful.

  • Anonymous

    Very Cool! I REALLY want the wind turbine, it would integrate so well with my “Escape the Grid” master plan!

  • Anonymous

    This is so amazing! I would absolutely love a wind turbine. I think it’s one of the absolute best options for alternative energy.

    Wind power = love

  • http://www.simplicityandfrugality.blogspot.com Jill

    I’m planning on trying small wind whether I win this or someone else does…but it would be nice to start out for free. What can I do to counteract the walmart connection? It could be hard on my karma

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Nice giveaway! I’m in …

  • Anonymous

    NIce!! Way to go Preston!! Gotta Love your giveaways!!
    Everyone remember to come to the LIVE Green Festival this Saturday in SLC, Utah at Library Square.

    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

      Thanks Terry. You guys going to have a booth set up?

      • Anonymous

        Sure Will. Please come by if you can make it. Would be nice to meet you in person!

  • Anonymous

    Moving into a new house and this would be a great addition to our plans.

  • jimmy carlisle

    I have 40 acres in the ozarks that just cries out for one of these…

  • jerry

    I really need this to run my electric appliances at my cabin at Lake Tahoe

  • Bethieee

    This is such a fabulous offer. I would love to win the turbine as we are looking to build a tiny house and had not decided how we were going to power the lights and computers.
    Thank you again for making such a generous offer to your readers!

  • Sandrav

    Oooh! I’m curious about how many municipalities allow wind power devices on typical urban lots? Only one way to find out…

  • Matt

    I’ll take that. Thank You. Now I just need to get my cabin built.

  • Richard Hodsdon

    Sweet idea and a generous one too. I’d like to hear from whoever wins on ease of installation and use.

  • Anonymous

    What a great giveaway!Lots of wind here…..fingers crossed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lorrie.hughes Lorrie Hughes

    I really like it. It would help people who are off the grid have an affordable way to get some power.

  • Anonymous

    PV, geothermal, passive homes, and now wind turbines!

  • Anonymous

    We’ve been very interested in these and would love to try it out.

  • Anonymous

    YEAH! generating green power. I would love one of these for the roof. I live near the water where there’s always a nice breeze. :)

  • Kevin Foster

    Me Me Me! πŸ˜‰ I have always wanted to put one up!

  • http://www.microturbine.com Paul

    I’d gladly accept a wind turbine, but the best green energy comes from a Capstone Turbine Co-generation system.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, this is just what we need! We live on the on Gulf Coast and always have a breeze to run it!

  • MikeW

    This’d be cool in the back yard!

  • Kathy

    Way Cool !!
    Wind Power is the best!!!!!!!!

  • RT

    Great giveaway, this is an ideal power source for small off-the-grid buildings like my mountaintop cabin. Nice to see wind and solar going affordable and not just as an occasional DIY project.

  • Erin R

    Thank you for the opportunity! This would be perfect here in rural Hawaii & a blessing with our kWh costs!

  • Anonymous

    I teach an environmental science class–while we have some solar on campus, the students have yet to see wind power in action. This would be a great addition to our campus and curriculum!

  • http://metrohippie.com metrohippie

    oh yeah… I could use one of these!

  • Anonymous

    Nice. I would like to see more those on individual homes. Anything that allows the average person to participant in green power is great.

  • HJiler

    Wow, this is something they should talk more about. I have been looking for reliable wind power and can’t wait to link over and check it out.


  • Radagast

    This would be great for our wildlife rescue facility. Getting power to the enclosures is always a problem.

  • Anonymous

    I just purchased my first home in Pittsburgh, Pa. β€œThe Nunnery Hill Overlook Homes are ENERGY STAR rated Homes conveniently perched above Pittsburgh’s Northside and walking distance from Downtown and the North Shore attractions. Featuring almost 2000 sq. ft of bright, energy efficient, open floorplan living, and spectacular city views.” I think this wind turbine would be a great feature to my new urban home and would set an example for the rest of the city.

  • karnak

    About time the big stores for in the mix. Now, all they need is to put some of their own turbines on their humongous buildings.

  • John Schornberg

    This would be ideal for a my sustainable aquaponics farm I am setting up.

  • Alex G

    Who wouldn’t want one of these? It would at least bring down you power bill. Not to mention reduce your homes carbon footprint.

  • evelyn sanborn

    FANtastic!!! would love to harness the wind in the Western North
    Carolina mountains!!

  • Rick Hensell

    A perfect solution to my problem. Six years ago, I purchased a small piece of land that rest on a high ridge in southern Indiana, planning to build a small cabin. Because of the location and the contour of the land, getting eletric power is just more then I can afford. Not wanting to listen to the sound of portable generators, my project is at a stand still. This small affordable wind turbine like this could just be the ticket. Thanks, keep the info.flowing.

  • sean

    GREAT idea ! Viral marketing with a real benefit for the reader that will keep ongiving benefits for years to come. Well done folks. I’m planning to put a DonQi turbine in my
    back garden (2kw but could always use a little brother for it.
    We want more of this sort of thing.
    Free LED lightbubs anyone?

  • Jodi Nain

    What a way to spread alternative energy! Hats off to Sam’s Club.

  • Anonymous

    What a great opportunity!

  • Darien

    This seems like an amazing chance for people like myself to get into alternative energy without the setback of outrageous prices on the market. Very Cool!!

  • http://urbanrancher.wordpress.com UrbanRancher

    Hey Preston! I LOVE these things, my neighbor has one and it looks really beautiful out in the country. They’ve put it on a pole but designed a faux tower around it, looks very old-school and fits right into the landscape. I would really like to get one for my homestead, it would totally power my small off-grid cabin!

    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

      UrbanRancher, I’m excited to announce that today is your lucky day. You are the random winner of this small turbine giveaway! Congrats. I’ll email you separately to get your address and information for shipment. Thanks to everyone for entering.

  • Randy

    What a great giveaway! Good luck everybody!

  • http://progressivetimes.wordpress.com T. Caine

    Having a wind turbine would be fantastic. Certainly worth a comment. Congrats on getting tapped for the giveaway.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for providing this opportunity. I have recently learned of your blog & have enjoyed reading some of your posts, especially the 10 Green Office Bldg Trends!
    I was really surprised to see that Sams Club offers these wind turbines! So hopefully there is a ‘fortunate’ wind blowing in my direction!

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know what height tower is recommended for something like this?

  • Anonymous

    I live in coastal Virginia in an area that is rated “excellent” for wind power.
    Everyone who knows me has heard me say that I wish I had a wind generator
    so I could harness the near constant breezes here. I’d LOVE to finally be able to
    do just that. Great Giveaway!

  • Anonymous

    Great stuff. Thanks for passing this on!
    For what it’s worth, my wife and I are putting our hearts and souls into building a 750 acre self-sufficient community in Tennessee. I’ve been working on putting in a micro-hydroelectric generator on our seasonal 50′ waterfall. The next project I have lined up is a wind generator.

    I offer a 10% rebate on the purchase of land here for those who put in renewable energy or rain water collection system. So, although I don’t have a following like you do, I think placement in the Village might offer some marketing synergy for Sam’s.

    So far, we’ve sold 14 lots (more in the pipeline) and all buyers want to live sustainably off-grid. This would be a great opportunity to prove the viability of wind here on the Cumberland Plateau and sell some more systems once a prototype is in place.

    Check us out at http://www.sewaneecreek.com

  • http://www.vertiporte.com Theodore Curry

    My Dad’s farm in South Dakota would make this baby hum! In addition to all of his “hot air”, it maybe enough power for everyone πŸ˜‰

  • Anonymous

    This is awesome, I just did a presentation on sustainable architecture and its great to see stuff like this being putting to use.

  • ed bartley

    We need to see more Wind Turbines put into use. This is really a renewable energy source that has been neglected in the US. I can remember as a kid traveling across the great plains and seeing all the windmills in use. Now they are almost all gone. We need to go back to using this wonderful source of power. It is great to see Sams Club offering these Turbines for sale. Great give away that will help produce power for the lucky winner.

  • Normand

    A great prize at a great time for those of us who wish to experiment with alternative energy for our homes. I hope the winner will be able to communicate regularly on his or her success and failures with the installation, use and maintenance of the turbine. My only regret is that I live in Canada. Better luck next time I guess. Hope to read more about the winner’s experience with the product.

  • Anonymous

    Just found a great parking spot for my tiny house –and it’s a windy spot! If I were to win this turbine, it would make a great housewarming present!

  • John Wardigo

    I have often wondered ho hard would it be to modify all the lights in every parking lot to accommodate a wind generator and/or a solar panel to offset the lights in the thousands of parking lots across the world at Walmart.

  • Ted Thiel

    That would be a great set up for a RV full timer if it was made to be portable. A real nice set up for a remote spot in the country.

  • Willa Grant

    Thank you for helping get these out there!

  • Megan Solis

    We could use one of these at our place-

  • dave

    This would be terrific….

  • chase

    Interesting give away
    – i’ve been curious about the use of wind power as a additional source of power.

    this may be my ticket to give it a try
    – and/or build a prop plane Tiny House with it and fly awayyyyy…

  • Kieron Maibusch

    Very cool. I was as member of a green building competition team for my school and it’s quite astonishing how efficient wind energy is. Also, driving back from school I pass a whole farm of turbines. They’re actually quite cool to see in person.

  • Anonymous

    What a cool micro turbine. I didn’t know that they were getting be so available.

  • Freya Dawn

    Too bad more people wouldn’t take the plunge into greener power generation. It is refreshing to see that a few corporations are taking steps forward to lessen their carbon footprints.
    As one preparing to live off the grid on the old family homestead, I would gladly welecom a ‘windfall’…..sorry, I couldn’t resist it!

  • David

    Not only is this a fun prize, its actually a great turbine… one of the quietest, efficient and affordable turbines on the market! I researched all the manufacturers, the Skystream came out on top for my application… it was was even approved by the Golden Gate Audubon Society. Thanks Southwest Wind!

  • Anonymous

    Count me in! I have read up and this Turbine is great. Any time you can create a little extra energy, it helps!

  • http://www.littletimberhouse.blogspot.com Ian Anderson

    Great givaway. I would love one of these for a small house that I am building. http://www.littletimberhouse.blogspot.com

  • rising starr quall

    what a wonderful opportunity to own a wind mill. I live in the San Luis Valley where the wind blows strong and this windmill would make a great example for our solar garden community we have been working on here in the valley. We are excited about helping our community to go green through solar gardens where we sell shares of our solar to those next door and in the community who can not put up panels. Wind is such a great addition to solar here and this size windmill would be great for so many families living here with no electricity at all.

  • Kyra

    What a great opportunity. Nice to know as well that they are so inexpensive although I live in Texas so solar power is really the way to go i would still make use of this for my “urban cabin” 600 sq feet in the city.

  • Janet

    Thanks for providing this awesome opportunity! I’d love to try a wind generator at my house.

  • Anonymous

    I like how the regulator automatically shuts down when batteries are chargeded.

    Go Red Sox Nation !!

  • ethanmelad

    Our new house in the middle of a field would do very well with one of these…

  • Wolfgang

    Wow, that would be wonderful for my wife’s new yurt! Thanks much!

  • Tor

    Three teenagers, south Texas heat and cold, and a leaky old woodframe house that I am trying to plug have lead to electric bills
    that would make you faint. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me?

  • Anonymous

    We are senior citizens on a fixed income and we live in Northwest Ohio. I feel like I am living in West Texas. The wind here is terrific and I have a great desire to have a windmill. Not only to save money on electric bills but to help the environment and save the earth for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren and all future generations.

  • Sandi Matthews

    We have the wind. Just need the turbine! A really sweet opportunity for some lucky person!

  • http://elainenelson.org Elaine Nelson

    Definitely interested in entering!

  • Lee Carlson

    Great idea to promote wind power.

  • Charlie

    Love the log house and assume the small wind turbine is for an out building? Would love to have the turbine for my mountain cabin if I ever build it. Do you have plans for that great house?

  • Dave C

    This is a great giveaway contest, and it would be an honor to win. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Richard

    Nice to see wind power getting exposure wherever possible. Currently building a small SIP energy efficient home with this in mind. Sustainability must become integrated into every home plan.

  • http://www.tincupdesigns.com Kristin Summerlin

    I’m a jewelry artist, and I’ve been planning my dream studio, a 14′ x 16′ next to my home in Alaska. This looks like it would be perfect for my needs. Keeping fingers crossed.

    • Anonymous

      This is your best giveaway so far! I have always dreamed of owning one of these, and It would be great to win one!

  • Anonymous

    This is an awesome chance to test out the wind generator at our site, I would be interested in more info about these systems. thanks for the chance to win. Marty Donn

  • Anonymous

    This installation is great publicity for wind power. The more information about micro generation the better.

  • Crystal Ross

    Wow! finally a wind turbine that fits in a backyard. Very Cool. I live in the very Windy Columbia River Gorge of rural ORegon am all about green energy and even like the new giant wind turbines that are popping up in my area better than the transmission towers we have had for generations. This is one of the great new ideas in America.!

  • Kerri

    This is just what I need. I love what you are doing!

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I pine, I yearn…

  • Anonymous

    Thats really cool to see Sam’s Club using alternative energy for a few of their buildings. It’d be VERY nice to see the whole WalMart family employing alternative energies. Maybe someday!!!

  • Andi

    This cabin has been in my dreams with the wonderful covered porches and the
    opportunity to go green with wind power! Please, pick me!

  • DanSharp

    I currently have a cabin in mid-MI (generator for power) that I am targeting for solar, but a free wind turbine like this one could change all that!

  • Anonymous

    There are several locations where I could put this unit to very good use. Good luck to all!

  • Anonymous

    Sweet! We’ve been looking at ways of taking our studio greener – and in doing, create an example to all our potential/future clients – this would be an ideal part of the package!

  • puckit

    fingers crossed

  • Joan

    Looks like a way to help the environment on our top of the hill location.

  • Parker

    A small wind turbine would really work well in Montana where we have allot of BIG, PREMIUM GRADE WIND! This “new” energy source has been around since the BIG SKY COUNTRY was formed but it remains an untapped resource for most private citizens. Harnessing the Montana wind and developing the power grid to share this source with other states is a #1 priority. Starting small with a 400 watt turbine would set a good example for others in the area.

  • Anonymous

    we live on the shore of Lake Superior where wind is THE natural energy source. we really want to try it!

  • Carol

    What a great opportunity! In addition to the obvious benefits, they are beautiful, too!

  • Kevin D. Manrique

    Pick me for that turbine give away

  • Anonymous

    Cool, I will win!

  • Anonymous

    Wind power! Hell Yeah!

  • Anonymous

    Looking to get out the hussle and bussle of big city. This would work excellent for a new project i am working on outside of the elec. grid. GREAT IDEA.

  • Anonymous

    What a great idea. I found out about this from the “Tiny House Blog” and really can’t wait to see one in person. Could be the perfect fit for our small cabin that we are building.

  • kevin dart

    i shure would like to win ,i have so many off the grid planes and this it one of them, the other is a gasifyer….google it…….

  • Bleyer Schneider

    I am planning a small home using a shipping container, from ECOPOD. I plan to be totally off the grid with your wind turbine. Beautiful industrial design, I want several to make a sculptural installation that powers my home. Do they come in Orange?

  • Jane

    Just the thing for our mountain cabin.

  • Anonymous

    Winning this would be the first step after recovery and coming out from the big “C” and building a sustainable home after over five years of spiritual retreat to overcome this illness using only natural means and self shaman healing. (The doctor said I would live only six months if I didn’t listen to his Western Medicine ideas.) Hopefully, thereafter I could become a peer advocate using the home as a meeting place.

  • Cori

    Its been windy by me for the pat month! Sure would be nice to have this!

  • Dan

    pick me! pick me! pick me!

  • BILL


  • JChill

    am i too late?

  • Patrick Giordani

    I love the product and love the fact that you are getting the word out about alternative energy sources. Thanks!

  • ryan

    This seems like the perfect size for a small cabin.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tyler-James-Laskowski/576076944 Tyler James Laskowski


  • Anonymous

    I am doing my homework, studying, and planning to be the first,as far as I can tell,to build a totally awesome and stylish small modern green home in Akron Ohio. It is going to be constructed as much as possible out of salvaged and reclaimed material AND power self sufficient. A Skystream would be icing on the cake!

  • http://www.drukpamag.bt Jigme

    just saw this great system today,would be great to bring it to my country Bhutan, since it is mountainous and reaching electricity to these remote places is always expensive, would be a great way of showing alternative power sources to my fellow country men and the government.would be nice to have one. cross my finger and pray to god.

  • http://www.snowyridgeranch.com Tori

    I think I missed the deadline but I’m looking forward to being able to harness some wind power at our off grid ranch

  • Jo

    I have never seen so many responses to anything you all have put up!! It’s a hit!! Maybe someone else will give something green and energy producing (or saving) away!! Cash for Caulkers just may be a hit as well!

  • Anonymous

    will it work in south ms.

  • Anonymous

    wind turbine produces the 20kw wind turbine. Seems it also provided the 10kw and 17.5kw wind turbine. It provided the lattice tower and monopole tower. wind turbine

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