Wisconsin Passive House in the Woods


It’s interesting to see Passive Houses — like the Breezeway House in Millcreek, Utah — gain more and more recognition in both the mainstream media and design and construction circles.  Another project worth keeping an eye on, Passive House in the Woods, is quietly moving forward with carbon neutral ambitions and a goal to be the first Passive House in the state of Wisconsin.


Located in the Town of Hudson, this three-bedroom, 1,940 square foot single-family home spans two levels and includes a walkout basement.  It will be constructed with an R60 slab, R95 flat roof, and an R70 facade, as well as windows and doors that help the home perform to stringent Passive House standards.

As with most ultra-efficient homes, this one will have a heat recovery ventilator, but it’s also connected to a 600-foot PEX tube loop field to pre-heat and pre-cool the incoming air stream.  There won’t be a boiler or furnace, although there will be in-floor heating mats with local controls that draw about the same amount of energy as two hair dryers.

Perhaps a step further than most Passive Houses, this Wisconsin home will be a net positive producer of energy due in part  to a 4.7 kW photovoltaic array.  In addition, a 40 square-foot solar hot water collector will pre-heat water in a storage tank and provide about 85% of all hot water needs.

Passive House in the Woods was designed by TE Studio and is being built by Morr Construction with the assistance of several other project team members.  Completion is scheduled for late Summer 2010.

[+] Learn more about the Passive House in the Woods.


Rendering credits: Tim Delhey Eian of TE Studio.

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  • pjoice

    It’s clearly not carbon neutral, with a two-car garage and a location miles from everything.

    • http://metrohippie.com metrohippie

      Sure, the entire living experience may not be carbon neutral (as of yet), but the project will be, and this alone puts the homeowners in the 99% percentile of carbon emitting individuals. Hudson is also about 15 miles from the Twin Cities, which is in easy range of an all electric car that could draw juice from the home’s PV system.

  • http://www.450architects.com Josh

    Great to see the interest in Passive House is country wide. We in California have found a lot of interest as well!

  • Tim Eian

    The garage is used mostly for storage of yard tools as the homeowner will farm food on site. He also frequently bikes to work

  • Lemak

    We like to se, and to know, how the WHOLE constructions are made, thanks. 

  • http://www.atchicagoremodeling.com/ Chicago Remodeling

    I would love to live in woods! It’s scary but I love the fresh air! Home the construction on passive house goes well!

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