The Newsworthy Writing is on the Wall


What's black and blue and all over the wall?  It's Newsworthy, a recycled content wall covering from Weitzner Limited.  Newsworthy is being offered in the company's Spring 2010 collection and, according to the New York Times, sells trade for $125 per yard (47 inches wide).  It's kind of like grasscloth in that 100% real newspaper strips are woven together and paperbacked for application to the wall.  And, as you might imagine, coloring tends to vary. 

[+] Learn more about Newsworthy from Weitzner Limited.




Photo credits: Weitzner Limited.

  • Name

    As a former graphic designer — mostly pre-computers — I love the idea of this wallpaper, both visually and texturally. But it may date a house even faster than grasscloth, given that printed newspapers are quite on their way out.

  • Michael Self

    $125.00 a yard?  No thanks.

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