Green Evolution Starts with Blu Homes


Blu Homes just announced the launch of their Evolution series of green homes designed for single-family, townhome, and development communities.  It's the first home model from the company allowing two levels of living, high ceilings, an open layout, and roof deck space. 

Evolution is available in three- and four-bedroom styles with two bathrooms and built with low- or no-VOC paints and finishes, recycled materials, low-flow fixtures, Energy Star appliances, and efficient lighting.  

Blu, purchaser of prefab pioneer mkDesigns, ships homes all across the country using a unique folding technology.  Nearly complete modules literally unfold at the project site and are buttoned up for occupancy. 

If you're on the East Coast and you want to tour a Blu Home, stay tuned.  There will be an open house in Rhode Island in a few weeks. 

[+] Learn more about Evolution from Blu Homes.




Rendering credits: Blu Homes.

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  • Andrew Stone

    These look great! The two story idea is great and will definitely broaden Blu’s appeal.

  • SC

    Any idea on prices?

  • David Doucette

    yes, i have to say i love these for the east coast, kind of a modern interpretation but still able to fit into the east coast context. i’d also like to see some out here in southern california, there are some places that could work for them.

  • Pat

    This company has no morales in their business dealings from what I have heard from others that have worked with them. Too bad, love the designs.

    • Maura

      Pat – this is Maura McCarthy, co-founder of Blu Homes. I would love to hear from you directly with any specific complaints~ It is hard to know how to address any concerns as we have not heard these from our clients directly or from anyone else. In fact, we have a long list of very positive customer references we are happy to provide you with if you would like to contact me directly. Many thanks, Maura

  • michael

     Maura you do have an amazing product line and offer everything I want in a home.  But I’m unable to get over the initial sticker shock of $300k – $500k.  Honestly I would love to look at the balance sheet of say the Balance model.  Items like cost per square foot vs building a standard home of the same size.  I’m also concerned with how much the consumer is having to absorb in advertising costs and sales commissions when purchasing a product from Blu Homes.  The savings in annual energy bills displayed on your website are not recoverable from the purchase price for the average life span of a human being.

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