This Samsung Green Tomorrow project is the first in East Asia to achieve LEED Platinum certification and the first zero-energy house in South Korea, according to project consultant ARUP.  Located in Yongin of the Gyeonggi Province, the project includes a zero-energy home of 4,553 square feet and visitor pavilion of 3,208 square feet with some incredible green features.


Green Tomorrow has a green roof, high-performance facade, daylight sensors, radiant heat flooring, efficient lighting, ground source heat pumps, waterless urinals, dual-flush toilets, low-flow fixtures, bicycle parking, electric car charging, and non-toxic materials.

A biological reactor treats gray water and black water resulting in a reuse of 72.4% of water for flushing, floor cleaning, and irrigation.

Overall systems and design reduce energy consumption by about 56%, but that means the remaining 44% of energy consumption must be supplied by on-site green energy.  Part of this is sourced from 1,755 square feet of rooftop solar panels.

The pilot project was designed by Samoo Architects and developed by Samsung C&T and cost about double that of non-green projects, according to The Korea Times.  Samsung will monitor performance and apply certain technologies and strategies to other developments going forward.




Photo credits: Samoo Architects; noticed at Inhabitat.