Due to the popularity of Paul Stankey’s Holyoke Cabin (and what seems to be an increasing interest in shipping container design), the folks at Hive Modular today announced the launch of a new company called InterModal Design with a set of six thoughtful container cabin plans. 


To create a single structure that could be used in many ways, IMD studied Japanese home design and yacht design.  In these homes, tables, beds, and chairs appear to fold up into the wall.  It's quite interesting and minimalist. 

At the direction of clients, IMD will use energy-efficient materials and green products, including LED lighting, low-water consumption fixtures, and low-VOC paints.  And if you want to go off-grid or off-pipe, IMD can help with that, too. 

[+] Learn more about InterModal Design's green container cabins





Rendering credits: InterModal Design and Hive Modular.