Modern, Green, Affordable: Studio Shed


A new start up company based out of Boulder is making these Studio Sheds for use as equipment, storage, or office sheds.  They're modern, green, and somewhat affordable with models starting at $4,900 (while the DIY flat-pack kit sells at a small discount).  You purchase the shed, secure the permits, set the foundation, and Studio Shed installs the shed in about 6-8 hours.

The company just installed its first shed in Palo Alto to complement a 1955 Eichler home.  Another one was installed a few days earlier in Carmichael, California.

These modern sheds are prefabricated with shady overhangs, FSC-certified woods, recycled aluminum frame windows, cement board siding, and low-VOC paints.  Dual-pane windows are an optional upgrade, and the space can be finished to create an office shed or left unfinished for storage or other use.

[+] Configure your own modern Studio Shed.






Photo credits: Studio Shed.

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  • Marshal

    The shed is neat and simple, suitable for outdoor studio.

  • Anonymous

    As the owner / founder of Studio Shed, I just wanted to clarify one easy thing here in regards to permitting, which is often our most asked question: Do I need a permit?

    It depends on your municipality. In most cases, you do not need a permit if the “detached” structure (Studio Shed) is 120 sqft and under (10′ x 12′).

    To that end – foundations. There are two types of foundations: on an existing concrete slab (which, again check with your city, but you may need a permit for that), or on our pressure treated 50 yr foundational floor – which will outlive most of us and you can park a mack truck on it. This seems to be the way a lot of our clients are going, b/c it’s simply easier than trying to get a slab poured. So long as the site is level within 6 inches, our installation team will build the joisted foundational floor in about 38 minutes.


    Mike Koenig

  • Cameron

    What is that Panel Cladding?? I would love to cover my neighbors ugly garage wall in that.

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