Ideabox Launches Urban Series Prefabs


It seems like the winter is when prefab companies tinker with offerings.  For example, Blu Homes just launched Evolution, Rocio Romero launched the stackable LV2, PieceHomes launched extraPieces, and LivingHomes launched wood frame construction nationally.  Ideabox, an Oregon-based prefab company that recently launched the new Fortino, is revamping their lineup with the new Urban Series. 

Ideabox builds small, affordable, energy efficient homes and recently shared with us details of the Urban Series: "The result is a fresh, clean lined, more open feeling series of houses that incorporate new explorations in exterior elevations and new elegant interiors."  Here's some detail on the new Studio, Cottage, and Confluence. 

Urban Studio – 580 square feet



With a kitchen, bathroom, and living and sleeping area, the Urban Studio has maple built-ins and cabinetry, FSC bamboo flooring, Energy Star appliances and windows, tankless water heating, ductless heat pump, standing seam metal roofing, and fiber cement and corrugated galvalume exterior. 

Urban Cottage – 665 square feet



The Urban Cottage has all the same elements of the Urban Studio but with a larger kitchen, larger living area, and a redesigned bedroom and bathroom. 

Urban Confluence – 805 square feet



The most popular Ideabox house, the Urban Confluence also has everything discussed with the Urban Studio except in a two-bedroom and two-bathroom layout.  The redesigned Confluence has updated counters with more space, abundant natural light, and built-ins for storage space.  

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Rendering credits: Ideabox.

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  • MrSteve007

    “The result is a fresh, clean lined, more open feeling series of houses that incorporate new explorations in exterior elevations and new elegant interiors.”

    The result is a double-wide with better windows.

  • Anonymous

    at what point does prefab become no better than the old mobile home which only declines in value. to me this elevation is simply sad. I have a hard time believing these homes will appraise for anywhere near they are selling them for. What I run into is “no brick?….no granite?…can’t be worth much.” I disagree with what a lot of appraisers are saying, but it’s the reality of our home market. If a buyer can’t get the home to appraise, they won’t get a loan for the home. It’s a delicate balance i’m trying to master. Affordable to a buyer might look like “cheap” to an appraiser and thus the bank….

    • Robin

      Your right these minis aren’t really “resellable”. You can’t even put up anything this small in Los Angeles county. I have been searching for an affordable home($200,000) for my acreage and all I really see is modular with their floorplan limitations and manufactured housing. I may end with a metal building to get my desired u-shaped loft-style floorplan. The green thing is nice but too expensive too implement.

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