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This modern home, designed by David Wick of Wick Architecture and Design, sits on a narrow urban lot in San Fernando Valley.  Energy Star and Build It Green certified, the 4,000 square foot residence was built with an ICF basement, FSC certified wood framing, radiant barrier roof paneling, low-VOC caulks and sealants, a cool roof, a permeable driveway, and cedar siding that also provides some shading. 

Photographer Laure Joliet recently took these photos of the Jacobson Residence and told us she liked the indoor/outdoor feel created with the pocket garden, deck spaces accessed from the bedrooms, and open floor plan inside flooded with natural lighting. 

With landscape design by David Fletcher of Fletcher Studio and rainwater recycling by Jenna Didier of Fountainhd, rainwater is collected on the roof for use in a wet garden.  Solar panels soak up solar energy to power the home's needs, and in the backyard, there's also a lush ozone pool and neatly trimmed xeriscape garden. 

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Wick_stairs Wick_bath


Photo credits: Laure Joliet Photography.