Flood Proof Green Home on the Beach


I was excited to get an email from Matthew Peek, principal at Studio Peek Ancona, regarding this prototype built in a flood and seismic zone in Stinson Beach, California.  The flood-proof home has been Platinum certified by the Marin County green building program and meets FEMA standards of the area, according to Peek.  It's green and undeniably contemporary, but it's also small and showcases indoor/outdoor living without a hitch. 


According to an article in Dwell MagazinePrice of Tides — the Flood Proof house had to be 12 feet off the ground and the interior was constrained to 450 square feet.  Peek optimized the lack of interior space by adding about 350 square feet of outdoor decking. 

Green elements include drought tolerant landscaping, passive solar design, radiant heated flooring, and natural ventilation.  The cedar rainscreen is a nice touch, too, while the steel elements most certainly have a percentage of recycled content.  But durability is equally important as certain features ensure that this place survives a flood.  

You might recall this isn't the first home we've seen to be designed for coastal realities.  Morphosis Architects led the design and construction of a Float Home in New Orleans.  The LEED Platinum home has an innovative foundation that buoys the structure in flood situations. 

[+] Read more about this small flood-proof house in Dwell.


Flood-proof-house-bathroom Flood-proof-house-stairs



Photo credits: Bruce Damonte (top) and Mathew Scott (all others).

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  • Guest

    I love this house! My only complaint about many of the houses on this blog is that they’re too small for a family like mine. I want a 2,500 sq. ft. home LEED platinum certified. That’s my wish.

    If you know of any LEED platinum home makeover contests, please let me know. I’ll actually enter them.

    • http://bruteforcecollaborative.wordpress.com/ mike

      LEED platinum is one thing… the marin county green building program’s platinum certification is another.

      • Anonymous

        It would be great if other counties emulated the marin county program, i.e. minimum requirements with potential goals like Platinum.

        I noticed they have twice as many requirements as other programs, and specific recommendations, which is fantastic… and, there is no third party fee. Great example for lowering the cost of sustainable materials / increasing demand for green building.

  • http://www.davisframe.com DavisFrame

    This is a gorgeous beach house! It looks like it has spectacular views of the ocean. It has a very modern look as well and is appealing.

    Here at Davis Frame Company we had the privilege to work on a coastal project as well down in Myrtle Beach. We had to think about flooding as well as design it to be hurricane resistent since the homeowner’s lost their first home in a storm. The home was built on 50-foot-long concrete pilings and was inserted 8 feet into the ground.

    Check out our story about the Myrtle Beach timber frame home: http://www.davisframe.com/Info.aspx?DeptID=221&PID=67

  • http://www.cabinzoom.com Daniel

    I love that cedar rainscreen/arbor. Very modern, yet perfectly functional.

  • http://www.epoxygreen.com/ Green Builder

    Beautiful and amazing concept of a beach house. Two thumbs-up! I really like it.

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