We've seen green portable classrooms from Toby Long Design and Frog Zero classrooms from Project Frog, and this Gen7 School from American Modular Systems is an interesting option to add to the mix.  The school is factory-built and delivered about 90% complete with an unbelievable 90-day turnaround.  AMS indicates that the Gen7 classroom could save owners ~$100,000 per year in direct costs *and* will come with a ton of green features:


  • Recycled denim insulation;
  • R40 insulation roofing;
  • High fly ash content concrete floor;
  • Low- and no-VOC paints and finishes;
  • 100% recycled tackable interior surfaces;
  • Zero-VOC, 82% recycled ceiling tiles;
  • Collins & Aikman ER3 carpet tiles;
  • Low-E dual-glazed windows with aluminum framing;
  • Daylight occupancy sensors and operable windows;
  • Energy Star tubular skylights;
  • CO2 monitoring and natural ventilation;
  • Efficient HVAC system;
  • Partial exterior recycled steel cladding;
  • 80% recycled steel wall framing; and
  • Reflective 3-inch standing seam metal roof. 

The Gen7 exceeds Title 24 energy code, on average, by about 33% and can be outfitted with solar panels.  Costs start at about 30% below design built costs and two-story models will be released in the Fall 2010. 

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Photo credits: Gen7 Schools and American Modular Systems.