Aahsa House 2010 - 3

The American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (AAHSA) has a concept for the future of senior housing and it's going to be built for the association's annual meeting in Los Angeles later this year.  The 2,600 square-foot Idea House, designed by the Atlanta office of THW Design, will feature the latest in innovation, universal design, and sustainability.  

Aahsa House 2010 - 4

The 2010 Idea House is designed to be a net-zero energy structure with a relaxing courtyard, exterior shade devices, abundant natural lighting, and proper ventilation.  The home will also have a green roof, garden, small wind turbine, and energy- and water-saving devices.

AAHSA plans some technology for health reasons, too.  A home monitoring system will gauge motion, medication, and weight (accessible by family members) and PARO, a therapeutic robot baby seal, will provide animal therapy for the owners. 

[+] Get more detail on the AAHSA 2010 Idea House.

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Aahsa House 2010 - 9

Rendering credits: AAHSA and THW Design