TRIO Modern Eco Home by Sustain


Sustain Design Studio, based out of Toronto, makes contemporary prefab green homes, including the popular miniHome.  They’re small and approachable in price terms but require no sacrifice of style.  This home, the 12×36 TRIO, currently located in Brighton, Ontario, has about 400 square-feet of living space, including a master bedroom, kitchen with open living space, and a bathroom.


Sustain Design Studio designed the TRIO for passive ventilation and cooling and energy efficiency.  With a high-performance envelope, carefully placed windows, and appliances and lighting optimized to require the smallest load possible, the TRIO is capable of off-grid living.

TRIO is built with green materials (i.e., low maintenance, durable, non-toxic, renewable, formaldehyde-free, FSC-certified materials).

The 400 square-foot 12×36 California Edition starts at $134,900, and can be expanded up to 1,110 square feet with other modules.  TRIO is available most anywhere in North America.

[+] Learn more about the 12×36 TRIO.

12x36-trio-dining 12x36-trio-bathroom



Photo credits: Sustain.

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  • David Doucette

    love the mini home. i could almost see that in the southern california desert, but lack of overhangs would be a drawback. i think it’s perfect for the mountains or a nice shaded spot surrounded by some jeffrey pine trees. would love to have a small cabin like the mini home.

    david doucette

  • Cindy

    Love these green homes. They are attractive and efficient. I’d love to see one in person.

  • Draught Excluder

    Looks like a really nice home. Just wondering how well insulated they are – and what the u values would be?

  • Joy Ruiz

    Looks stunning!

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