Shift-your-habit-book Elizabeth Rogers, co-author of The Green Book, has a new book being published this week called Shift Your Habit, and we've been given a review copy.  Shift Your Habit is more of a resource book or a toolkit of ideas, rather than something that you would read on a snowy day, but I guess you could do that, too.  The premise is that moderation is revolutionary, or more specifically, that living greener doesn't just help the planet but it helps you save money. 

Thus, save money and save the planet at the same time.  It's a theme that's been played out quite regularly in the media with headlines like "Earn green by going green."  But that's not to say there's no value in the message. 

Rogers actually quantifies the incremental, monetary benefit to shifting your habit from one behavior to another.  And she does this with hundreds and hundreds of eco-friendly tips, just like this one:

The Shift: Replace the air filter on your air conditioner and furnace every three months.  Dirty air filters slow down the air intake and make the unit work harder, increasing the energy it uses. 

Save $$: Up to $80 per year on heating and cooling costs.

Save the Planet: Save up to 15% on cooling energy and up to 5% of home heating energy, for a total of up to 725 kilowatt-hours per year.

Good for You: Clean filters keep dust and grime from building up, which reduces the presence of allergy triggers as well as the need for expensive appliance repair or replacement.

Understanding the value of making these changes is what makes this book worth having.  Certainly with some of these tips, readers will find the low hanging fruit but other tips may not seem so commonplace or simple.  Click on over to Shift Your Habit for more information or grab a copy at Amazon:

[+] Shift Your Habit on Amazon.