Retired Aircraft Now Bio-Luminum Tiles


The same folks behind Bio-Glass, Coverings Etc, recently sent us information on another interesting product, Bio-Luminum.  Bio-Luminum tiles are made from 100% recycled aluminum salvaged from retired aircrafts.  Available with a beveled edge on one side and straight edge on the other, the company says the strength of aircraft aluminum makes this product perfect for high-traffic flooring and high-end wall treatments.  


Upon salvage, the aircraft aluminum is melted in a block and sliced into tiles of 3”x6”, 3”x12”, and 6”x12” sizing.  The lightweight tile seems perfectly suited for any number of design styles, whether contemporary or industrial, or somewhere in between.

Bio-Luminum tiles are recyclable and have been marketed as Cradle to Cradle certified, although I haven’t been able to verify that through the products listed on the Cradle to Cradle website.  The product was also recognized at ICFF 2009 in the materials category with an Editors Award.

[+] Learn more about Bio-Luminum from Coverings Etc.



Photo credits: Inhabitat/Mike Chino (#1); K+BB (#4); Coverings Etc (rest).

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  • Ruben

    Wow, talk about driving a nail with a sledgehammer. Aluminum embodies enormous amounts of energy. Using slabs of it as a wall covering is not eco-friendly. Wafer thin sheets maybe, but this is greenwash.

  • MXB

    Greenwash is right – aluminum is the USA’s most energy-intensive industry.
    Also, what’s with the prefix “Bio-“? What component of this is remotely biological?

  • David Doucette

    i agree, i see “recycled aluminum” and i see energy consumption. however, as an owner of a vintage airstream, i’m partial to aluminum and love the idea of aluminum being used in different applications. this is one of those situations where i might see the greenwashing in it, but i still think it’s cool.

  • Michael Self

    Love it.  Probably won’t love the price, which is probably why it wasn’t mentioned.

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