Green Pieces Used for Home Remodels


PieceHomes, a prefab company started by LA architect Jonathan Davis, is using the current economic times to its advantage these days.  The company designed a set of extraPieces, which homeowners can use to expand or remodel their existing home.  It’s a great idea for those who want to do more with what they already have.

To illustrate, on Monday, March 29, 2010, pieceHomes will install two modules — eP:MasterBedroom2 and eP:GuestHouse — in the backyard of an existing West LA single family home.

The homeowners, Harvey and Stephanie Kaner, plan to use the extra guest house space to house their parents half of the year, while the parents will use the opportunity to be with family and help take care of grandkids.

PieceHomes modules are factory-built with sustainable building materials, radiant heat, and efficient tankless water heaters, as well as other green elements.  They can be outfitted with solar in the factory, too.

We'll try to follow up with this installation upon completion.  In the mean time, you can catch more of pieceHomes at Dwell on Design 2010 and on their Facebook page, where the company regularly shares pictures of construction, installation, and other prefab endeavors.



Photo credits: pieceHomes.

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  • Mike

    Pretty nifty additions. The eco-friendly elements are great and can be a real life safer for homeowners in this economy.

  • Kimberly Madrigal

    What a great idea. I can’t believe someone didn’t think of this sooner. Thanks you for posting and looking forward to seeing the results. It would be great to read an energy consumption/savings case study

  • Naples Remodeling

    The added structure for the house is really perfect plus the house remodeling is been conceptualized to be green. Thanks for showing your ideas.

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