Joshua Tree Gets a New Desert Prefab


Nearly two years ago, I followed reports by Curbed LA, which was tracking the sale of the Office of Mobile Design's ShowHouse.  At the time, the one-bedroom, one-bathroom home was listed at $175,000, and I always wondered what happened with it — until the other day when Allison Arieff tweeted a photo of the Jennifer Siegal-designed structure on a beautiful desert lot.  The 720 square-foot portable house found a new home. 

The desert prefab, measuring 12'x60', has rooftop solar panels, metal cladding with translucent polycarbonate panels, radiant heat, tankless water heating, and high-end finishes and sustainable materials. 

[+]  Learn more about OMD/Jennifer Siegal prefab.




Photo credits: Office of Mobile Design; noticed at Inhabitat.

  • Ted

    Those panels are going to last 4 months in that sun- I’m not sure you could have picked a worse trailer home for that location. Even the colors are completely out of place.

  • Don

    Preston you describe this location as a “beautiful desert lot”? As a resident of the PHX, I think you could not be more off base. This would not appeal to anyone for $175,000. Also the metal cladding on this trailer will be too hot to touch in the summer sun. For $175,000 there are better, greener ways to live in the desert.

    • Preston

      Well, the lot and the home are two different things, and I certainly like the home, but the lot is undeniably picturesque. Plus, I didn’t say the home was sold for $175,00.

      Also, I’ve seen PHX and you’re going to have a hard time convincing me that the snout house is the better way to do things in the desert. :)

    • Kimdayne

       polycarbonate panels! That’s plastic isn’t it? $175,000

  • Paulkaplan5

    Hope the wall of windows is facing north!

  • bigBANG studio

    Ha! I live right down the dirt road from this place. I’m curious if the almost-opaque plastic-cell windows/siding eventually come off to reveal glass. Would be a shame to plop down on prime Joshua Tree real estate if one can’t enjoy the view from inside. I’ll be interested to see how the plastic siding holds up after a Mojave summer.

    More pictures of the place on my Joshua Tree art/food blog here:

  • Kimdayne

    Too $$ expensive! That is why going GREEN has caught on the way it should.

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