Nine Modern Homes in Taltree EcoVillage


After nearly three years of planning, Taltree ecoVillage by YS Development is gaining a little steam.  Located in Redmond, Washington — not more than a bike ride from the company Bill Gates co-founded — Taltree includes a collection of nine modern, green homes built to the highest green building and energy efficiency standards. 


Taltree is part of Redmond's Innovative Housing Demonstration Program, which aims in part to increase high-quality housing supply in the community while still remaining consistent with existing single-family developments.  Taltree would require zoning changes to allow for increased density, reduced setbacks, tree preservation, etc. 

To date, four of the nine homes are reserved, and future homeowners for the other five will have the chance to work with YS Development to finalize layout, configuration, and finish details for both the home and the ecoVillage. 

Assuming all goes as planned, YS Development plans to break ground in about nine months and complete all the homes in 20 months.  Taltree will also have a community house, underground parking, walking paths, community gardens, and native landscaping. 

[+] Learn more about Taltree ecoVillage from YS Development.




Rendering credits: YS Development.

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  • Daniel

    That’s an interesting development. I’m confused where it is, though. On the map there isn’t an empty spot for a development. Are they tearing some stuff down? I live a few miles from the area, I’ll drive by and check it out!

    • Anonymous

      It is in Redmond (WA), on an acre where two small older homes reside now, this area was un-incorporated king county before and recently joint into Redmond. it is very nice as it it yet quite wild and ‘woodsy’ although within urban area and close to Microsoft etc. check it out . Y

  • meliason

    since when has ‘Built Green’ been considered the “highest green building and energy efficiency standards”?!?

    perhaps if YS was serious, they’d shoot for passivhaus or ZED…

    • Anonymous

      there are over ten certification systems out there, we are tracking most of them; built green is the cheapest and the easiest we found so far. passive house is interesting and we borrow from it but not certify for it yet (maybe soon on a custom project opportunity, our architect is passive house certified). on many aspects we do beyond the certification for example we shoot for 50% overall efficiency with passive only measures. we prepare the house to take active measure, this is the homeowner choice. we are not looking to create the greenest house on earth, we are looking to create great design, high level of sustainability at relatively affordable prices – so we can make it available for relatively wide audience – this is the challenge !

  • Adriana Penrod

    Very nice done, would be great for a family community.

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