Most of the energy monitoring tools on the market right now gather aggregate information about the overall electricity use of a home.  But the new eMonitor from PowerHouse Dynamics could change all this with circuit level monitoring.  The eMonitor solution combines hardware, software, and service elements to provide home electricity use, electricity cost, and carbon footprint information by the minute.  Past and present information is then available online and on the iPhone (starting in about Q2 2010). 


Information gathered by the eMonitor is detailed and thorough and, in the hands of the right homeowner and home, could help save 5-20% or more on energy bills. 

The single-unit solution monitors 24 circuits, or 2 main and 22 additional circuits, in either the 120V or 240V variety.  eMonitor can also be integrated with solar PV, solar thermal, or wind installations. 

eMonitor has a ZigBee antenna to control various add-on devices, such as smart outlets, smart thermostats, etc, but these capabilities may not be available until Q3 2010, or thereafter. 

According to a press release, Energy Circle is selling the system online.  Purchasers should have the eMonitor installed by an electrician, but there's a video on Energy Circle's product page explaining how that works.  The single-unit system is available for pre-order for $799.00 and includes five-years of bundled monitoring service. 

[+] Learn more about the eMonitor from PowerHouse Dynamics.



Photo credits: Energy Circle.