Modern Green Furniture from Domiphile


If you’re in the market for modern sustainable furniture, you might check out Domiphile, a company founded by Tony Church near Salt Lake City, Utah.  Currently offering tables, side tables, dressers, and desks, Domiphile handcrafts these pieces with North American FSC-certified white ash and black walnut and “super-duper low VOC” waterborne finishes.  Pieces range in price from about $1,110 to $4,000, depending on what you’re looking for.

[+] Check out modern green Domiphile furniture.




Photo credit: Domiphile.

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  • Kersten

    Nice craftsmanship. Would love a piece or two in our place.

    Incidentally, his photos look like they’re staged in the Brach house that’s west of Liberty Park at about 400 East and 1000-1100 South…

  • Anonymous

    Nice designs!

    We’re an eco-friendly furniture maker/retailer, too!

  • jessica

    considering how expensive furniture normally is, these organic pieces are not badly priced.

  • US store

    This is really cool! I’m always attracted to wood furniture but this one gets extra points for being eco-friendly! I think everyone should have at least one statement wood furniture at home.

  • Kevin_tr

    Cool Modern !! I like it.

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