Fincube Prefab Low Energy House


Studio Aisslinger, designer of the Loftcube, recently unveiled this new modular design for a home that's transportable, sustainable, and low energy, all at the same time.  According to Design Boom, Fincube, a 500 square-foot structure with a kitchen, living space, bedroom, and bathroom, was built with locally sourced wood in Northern Italy and features 360-degree triple glazing windows. 

It's an interesting design.  All the walls and equipment are banished to the middle while the views remain pretty much unadulterated.  What do you think?

[+] Check out Studio Aisslinger.







Credits: Studio Aisslinger; noticed at Design Boom/MoCo Loco.

  • Anonymous

    I like it. I could retire to the hills and plonk it down somewhere great.

  • Shaun Smakal

    It looks quite nice, but seems like it’d only ever be appropriate placed within some unspoiled vista. You’re not going to set this one down in an inner-city neighborhood.

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