You've probably heard about IKEA's prefab homes offered overseas called BoKlok.  This isn't anything like that, but it has some interesting potential.  As discovered by Michael Janzen of Tiny House Design, IKEA recently teamed up with ReadyMade to show these ReadyMade Signature Modular Dwellings at a few locations along the West Coast.  The dwelling has a full kitchen, living room, and bedroom — all tightly packaged in a tiny little space. 

The IKEA ReadyMade structure is neat and, if commercialized, could serve as a work shed, ADU, or studio.  But "the house seemed designed specifically for showcasing the IKEA stuff inside," explained Janzen, and "would take some modifications to make the structure habitable."

Apparently, ReadyMade hinted to visitors that blueprints would be available in the future, which could be interesting.  We'll see if anything comes of this. 




Photo credits: Michael Janzen, Tiny House Design.