Our last article on VAST Pavers generated substantial discussion in the comments.  The company makes composite masonry with roughly 90-95% recycled scrap tire rubber and plastics.  The pavers are light, durable, and apply in a cinch once the proprietary grid has been laid.  Up until recently, VAST has been expanding business with a 3″x6″ paver, but now they also have a new 4″x8″ paver that was designed with larger projects in mind.

VAST sent us a sample of the new paver, and sure enough, it smells a little like tires.  It’s also easy to handle and handsome — the redwood option has a nice look to it.

The custom, open-graded sub-base makes the product a good stormwater solution, depending on what you’re looking for.  It can do over 400 inches per hour of stormwater filtration and is suited for commercial projects, as well as for parking lots, walkways, sidewalks, and driveways.

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Photo credits: Vast Pavers.